Buena Vista HD-EST Launches Today

Big day for VUDU. Starting today, we’re making dozens of titles available from Buena Vista Home Entertainment (the home video distributor for Disney, Miramax, Touchstone and others) available for high definition sell through – “HD-EST” for the acronymically inclined (read here). Disney is the first major studio to embrace HD-EST as a general product category, and we’re thrilled that they’ve chosen to do so with us, for a couple of reasons.

First, VUDU customers love both HD and digital ownership. When we’ve offered HD-EST titles in the past, buy rates have gone through the roof. Owning digital movies in our super high quality HDX format is especially attractive – it’s been one of our most requested features.

Second, this deal is a big vote of confidence for digital delivery and, in particular, for VUDU. Everyone loves the idea of digital delivery – the combination of selection, flexibility and convenience (and, in the case of VUDU, superb AV quality) hits a big demand sweet spot. But that idea has to transform into something concrete for it to mean anything. It’s the steady progression from rental to purchase to HD, and now to HD-EST, that has taken digital past a “studio experiment” to an increasingly strategic business. We expect this progression to continue as other major studios join Buena Vista to offer HD-EST on VUDU.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a huge high five to our technical team, led by Prasanna Ganesan at the ripe old age of 29, for their work in making us the leader in HD A/V quality. There’s no doubt that our consistent technical leadership played a big part in Buena Vista’s decision to launch their HD-EST initiative with us. Great work everybody.

So, when you get home tonight, check out the great movies you can now buy in beautiful HD and HDX. Shorn, our programming guru, has put a collection together that you can find front and center on the VUDU “Explore Catalog” page.

New Collections!

Shorn here. We’ve pulled together some pretty nice collections for you this week. You can find collections on your VUDU service by going to “Explore Catalog” from the main screen.

This week’s highlights include:

Happy Father’s Day Sale!
Treat Dad to some specially priced titles to own from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER.

It’s That Guy: Keith David
Our series of “Ohhhhh! It’s THAT guy collections continues.

One You Missed
Each week, we find some hidden gems you might have missed. This week our selection is Man on Wire.

…and in Shorn’s Secret Stash we have: Funny Ladies! These are the leading ladies who make us chuckle.

Memorial Day

Today we observe Memorial Day dedicated to those in the military that have given their lives in service and honor. Many of use do not know what dedication to ones country truly means until they listen to the stories of the soldiers serving this great nation.

Today I will remember my Great Uncle’s that served in World War II. They have all passed away but I can still remember the honor they received at their funerals. May prayers go with each and every person that has served in our military.

In honor of the soldier may I suggest the following movies….

Go For Broke (1951)
Pork Chop Hill (1959)
Hamburger Hill (1987)
Glory (1989)
Gunner Palace (2004)

Celebrating Sequels With VUDU

Another Summer of Sequels

Well the summer movie season is upon us. Look at the summer movie schedule and you’ll see X-Men, Star Trek, Terminator, Night at the Museum, and Harry Potter. I was thinking why not get ready for these sequels by re-living their predecessors?

Well last weekend we had some friends over and we watched X-Men The Last Stand on the VUDU to get ready for Wolverine. We had a lot of fun and it was the first time some of the folks over actually saw this movie and also their first experience with the VUDU. They loved the VUDU’s ability just to select a movie and start watching instantly.

This weekend we are doing some of the Star Trek movies to get ready for Star Trek coming out next week. Hopefully we will live long and prosper before the May 8th release of the new Star Trek movie!

Oh and don’t think I forgot about the kids. Ice Age has another come coming out this year also. The kids can’t wait and I am sure they will watch the fist two movies at least 10 times before they go to the movies to see the sequel.

This just in: VUDU Rocks Costco

Well this is really exciting. Costco is now selling the high end VUDU BX1000. For those of you that don’t know about this one the BX1000 is the high end VUDU box that has a bigger hard drive and is designed for the home theater enthusiast. Right now they are only available through the Costco.com web site. Check it out here.

VUDU Collections

It’s no secret that VUDU has the largest video on demand library and the easiest interface to find movies. But what if you just aren’t in the mood to search though over 14,000 titles in the library?

Well the folks at VUDU created “Collections” of movies that have some kind of common themes. There have been collections based on holidays, movie awards, etc. This week I found a Jim Carry collection that includes a lot of his works including the most recent “Yes Man.”

There are also collections from VUDU employees like “Shorn’s Secret Stash”. This week he has spiders as his topic.

I find collections to be a fun way of exploring movies on the VUDU and have found some real gems going though them on a regular basis. I was wondering what would a collection look like for April 15, tax day? Hmmm…

Anyone else have ideas for a VUDU movie collection. Just let us know!