Own Bambi (Signature Edition) and John Wick Chapter 2, New Rentals, Beach Ready Pre-Orders, and Free Heroism


Bambi is out of the vault. John Wick is out for revenge (again).



Bambi is back in all his doe-eyed glory (yup, Bambi was a he). Own this beloved classic today, complete with brand-new bonus featurettes that celebrate the 75th anniversary (he’s aged amazingly).



John Wick is also back and suited up (again), but he’s definitely not doe-eyed. Good thing everyone else is dressed up too because there’ll be a lot of funerals to attend (bad guys be caught up like deer in headlights). Own this non-stop hail of bullets and action today.


New to rent, starting today


Get hypnotized with Get Out and sink into a world that’s both terrifying and thought-provoking. Think it’s not possible? Just watch my spoon and see what happens.



If you haven’t watched Logan, you’re missing out. If you have, watch it again. (Yeah, it’s that good.) But remember, just like real wolverines, this film doesn’t play well with kids. So wait until they’re done before you let the claws out on this one.


And while you can see it from space, The Great Wall is easier to see on Vudu. (It’s a great wall, a beautiful wall. It does an amazing job protecting, amazing.) It’s got all the trappings of an Asian epic – plus dragon creatures!


Pre-orders: Beach edition

Pre-order Baywatch starting Thursday, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales on Friday.



Pre-order the new Baywatch movie, and have some summer fun with a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously (but it does take Zac Efron’s abs seriously). It’s got the beach, bikinis, bikini jokes, and a ton of laughs and action. (And Zac Efron’s abs. No seriously. Like, we’re jelly.)


Or get your beach body with the Baywatch and Pain & Gain bundle. (We have a beach body. We have a body and we go to the beach.) That’s right, two testosterone filled movies (get your pump on) – one to watch now while you’re waiting for the other one to be released.



But if your idea of a day at the beach is more rum-centered (like liver cirrhosis levels of it), you can pre-order Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and get your rum-swigging (and swashbuckling) on. Revenge is coming for Jack, and this time it’s served on the high-seas.


Watch True Heroes for free



Get action on full-auto, or maybe get your learn on, for free, with our True Heroes collection on Movies On Us. Watch titles like Lions for Lambs, Tunnel Rats, and Kokoro. Or watch documentaries that cover everything from D-Day and World War II to modern conflicts.