Get Into Show Biz

Get Shorty

man and woman at lunch table in black suits and sunglasses

Experience the glitz and glamor of Hollywood in Get Shorty. This star-studded comedy follows the story of mobster-turned-movie-business-man, Chili Palmer, played by John Travolta. But just because he’s taken up a new line of work doesn’t mean he has any plans to change his violent mafia ways.

Be Cool

two man and woman sitting at table

The music business is calling in Be Cool. Years after the events of Get Shorty, mobster Chili Palmer is done with the movie biz and looking to branch out to the music industry instead. This time it’s rock stars, divas, and rappers that add all the drama and excitement, with an even more star-studded cast to boot.


man with hawaiian shirt standing next to woman

Take a trip to your local TV station in UHF. ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic stars in this comedy about an eccentric guy tasked with saving Channel 62, which is losing viewers faster than ever. So what’s he to do but replace the boring reruns with the most bizarre programming he can think of?

Waiting for Guffman

group of people performing on stage

Go back to some old school community theater in Waiting for Guffman. This mockumentary-style comedy takes you all the way to middle-of-nowhere Missouri, where a sassy, inspiring director puts together the show of everyone’s lifetime with the best talent a small town can buy. This is a unique gem that’ll have you begging for an encore.