More powerful than Thanksgiving, more mutated than the 4th of July… it’s X-Men Day!

Celebrate 20 years of films featuring the world’s most misunderstood superheroes with The X-Men Collection: 6 claw-tastic, storm-summoning blockbuster movies for only $44.99.

With this x-traordinary bundle you can catch up on the full X-Men saga before the release of Dark Phoenix on June 7th, but this special deal is only for today so you’ll have to move faster than Quicksilver himself.

For those about to marathon, here’s a quick refresher:

As if learning to use mutant powers wasn’t enough stress, the original X-Men trilogy finds the teachers and students of Xavier’s School dealing with evil mutants, assassination attempts, possible extinction and even teen angst!

Same school, new rules. The new trilogy shows how Charles Xavier came to establish his infamous home for gifted youngsters, and how those same youngsters faced a secret society, an angry god, and genocidal future robots!

Don’t wait around for days of future past – get The X-Men Collection now and unleash the mutant hero within!