Today only – $9.99 recent releases

Here’s your Monday hook up


Got a case of the Mondays? We can help.


Monday. The rude reminder that the weekend is over. But luckily for you, we come bearing better news – today only, we’ve got 60 recent releases on sale for just $9.99 each.


We’re not saying that shopping our one-day-only sale will magically make it the weekend again, but hey, a movie or two (or three) just might make the week pass a little faster. Ok, maybe we are saying that.


Here are some of the great movies that you can add to your collection for the rocking price of just $9.99.



You can catch Tom Cruise as the real-life Contra-herding cowboy, Barry Seal – drug runner, CIA and DEA informant, and family man – in American Made. Talk about a wild ride. You might want to sit down for this one.



Or watch Jackie Chan face off against the IRA and a former James Bond (Pierce Brosnan), in The Foreigner. It’s a more serious character than you might expect from Chan, but rest assured, his punches still land just as hard.



And if you’re a Saw fan, then Jigsaw should definitely be one of the pieces you add to your collection. But he’s dead you say? Jigsaw begs to differ. Actually, it’s his victims that are begging, but you get what we mean.



Add in movies like Wonder Woman (available in up to 4K + HDR for $9.99), The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Spider-Man: Homecoming ($9.99 for 4K + HDR), Atomic Blonde (also $9.99 for 4K + HDR), Slumber, and over 50 other titles, and you’ve got a lot of tough choices to make.


Make it family Movie night for $9.99


Don’t worry, we’ve got kid-friendly titles on sale as well.



Entertain the little ones with My Little Pony: The Movie – ponies, sea-ponies, and friends, oh my; Cars 3 – it’s Lightning McQueen’s comeback story; Leap; and the animated Scooby-Doo! and Batman: Brave and Bold – roly ruh-rho Batman!


Check out the entire sale collection, here.




10th anniversary. 10¢ rental Wednesdays. We sense a theme.


One day only - 10¢ movie rentals on select titles!


One day only – Rent an HDX movie for 10¢!


What can you get for 10¢? Because you’re on Vudu and it’s our 10th anniversary celebration, you can get a movie rental. That’s right, watch a movie for 10¢! An HDX movie rental at that! What about outside of Vudu? Maybe a piece of candy. Maybe one LEGO brick.  Maybe a banana. Meh, not exciting choices. Go with the rental.


These are the days that your parents told you about when they say, “Back in my day….” Now you can say it back to them and silence them once and for all. Inflation? Psssshhh. The value of a dollar? Yeah, 10 rentals. A penny saved is a penny earned? Well, 10 pennies is a movie. So take that to the bank, ‘rents.


If you’ve got the money honey, we’ve got your disease (and by disease we mean movie)


Choose from 30 pretty amazing titles, including Pacific Rim (but have you seen Atlantic Rim?), Top Gun (I mean come on, talk to me Goose, no brainer right here), Bridget Jones’s Diary (so adorbs), Galaxy Quest (never give up, never surrender – except to 10¢ rentals), Into the Wild, Divergent, and more!


Pick up as many as you want, because as always, you have 30 days to start any rental and between 24-72 hours to finish it. So if you’ve got the dime, we’ve got the time. Literally. You could even rent all 30 and watch a movie a day for $3. Three bucks!


Check out all the 10¢ titles while they last, because at the end of the day, they’ll be gone. Well, um, only to return next Wednesday with another set of 10¢ rental titles. (Insert joke about not nickel and diming.)



Today Only! Shop & Get $4.99 VUDU Credit


Christmas is still nine days away, but it’s coming early to VUDU and For today only, when you shop on, you’ll get an extra gift from VUDU: $4.99 VUDU Movie Credits!

Just complete a purchase on and in about 10 business days you’ll get an email for $4.99 VUDU Credits. Use them to rent or own any title on VUDU–from the latest blockbusters to the newest TV episodes. Watch them anytime, anywhere, but be sure to hurry, because this offer ends today!

*Credit of $4.99 for VUDU content. Offer is non-transferable. Code to redeem credit provided by email within 10 business days of confirmed order. VUDU-enabled device and account required for digital viewing. Movies only available in U.S. Must be 18 or older to open a VUDU account. Offer must be redeemed within 45 days of customer receiving the email. Credit expire within 90 days of redemption. Credit has no value outside offer and may not be redeemed for cash. Only 1 movie credit per account.