Now available for pre-order – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Get first dibs on Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Pre-order Star Wars: The Last Jedi in up to 4K UHD. Available on Vudu starting today!


It’s here, it’s finally here. And now that it has hit theaters, it means you can get your eager little Porg paws on the pre-order.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now available for pre-order in 4K UHD and HDX. With your pre-order, you’ll also get access to a bonus featurette that you can watch immediately (your pre-order charge will be processed upon purchase).


So get the pre-order and head to the theater. Or get it while you’re in line at the theater with our Vudu app on your mobile device. (Technology is amazing!) And if you’re waiting in line extra early, why not get yourself hyped up by watching any of the previous Star Wars films? (Because, you know, if the astronauts can watch Star Wars on the ISS why can’t you?)


Build yourself a family movie night


What up to my ninjas! Watch the family-friendly The Lego Ninjago Movie tonight on Vudu.


Or maybe you’re avoiding the lines this weekend. Well then, maybe you should find the ninja within ya and assemble the family for movie night with The Lego Ninjago Movie.


It slices, dices, and cuts its way through any “I’m bored” or “there’s nothing to do” attack. The first feature film of the wildly popular cartoon series, The Lego Ninjago movie is voiced by the likes of Jackie Chan, Dave Franco, Justin Theroux, Fred Armisen, Kumail Nanjiani, and more amazing stars. Sure, it’s made for the kids, but this movie will sneak up on you like, well, a ninja, with self-awareness and bold humor that’ll keep adults entertained as well.



Pre-order American Made and get the soundtrack free

Pre-order American Made on Vudu today and get the soundtrack free!

Hear that? That’s the sound of an amazing offer landing at your feet


They say truth is stranger than fiction. And we’re giving you a double dose of it when you pre-order American Made.


Truth 1: Yes, you really get a digital download of the soundtrack free with your pre-order. Just be sure to get your pre-order in before 12/19, otherwise, it’s just an order. And without the “pre,” it just means you’ll be without the soundtrack.


Truth 2: Yes, American Made is based off a true story. Ok, so more or less of a true story. We may never actually know because, you know, the CIA. But you still definitely get the American Made soundtrack for free.


The soundtrack is a cornucopia of 70’s classics by Linda Ronstadt, The Allman Brothers, and Walter Murphy. Don’t know Walter Murphy? You should know his funk-tastic disco remix of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony – trust us, you’ve heard it. It also includes three tracks for the movie’s original score by Christophe Beck (Frozen, Ant-Man, Edge of Tomorrow).


The movie itself is an equally high-flying action spectacle starring Tom Cruise as real-life drug-smuggler and informant Barry Seal. And despite the creative liberties that were taken to make the movie, well, more creative and entertaining, there is enough truth peppered throughout the movie to make it stranger than all its fiction.


So pre-order American Made today and get the soundtrack free. We’ll send you an email with a redemption code on 12/19 when the movie is released.


And if you’re wondering what’s fact or fiction, you can do some fact-checking here (somewhat spoiler alert).

Bonus trivia

This isn’t the first time the name Barry Seal has graced the big screen. Dennis Hopper portrayed him in Doublecrossed, and Michael Pare played the part of Seal in The Infiltrator.


Find full terms and conditions of the offer here.





War for the Planet of the Apes and The Emoji Movie are on Vudu + rent Baby Driver, and more


This movie doesn’t monkey around

Go bananas and watch War for the Planet of the Apes on Vudu tonight!

These aren’t your daddy’s damn dirty apes.


What we love about this franchise is how emotionally complex Caesar has become – growing more and more intellectual in the build-up to War for the Planet of the Apes. Sure, there is plenty of action when the fists and the fur fly in this final battle, but there’s also a complexity to the story – with ethical and emotional battles waged alongside military ones.


Watch Caesar lead his apes to war, and possibly freedom, starting today.


We 💖 this 🎬 and totally 😂


Watch The Emoji Movie on Vudu. You'll LOL, maybe even ROTFL

💩. That’s all we really need to say because that’s probably the main reason you’re seeing this movie. Don’t 🙄 at us, you know it’s partially true. But put the 📱 down for a bit because this movie has a star-studded cast (that you can hear, but you can’t see) that includes TJ Miller, James Corden, Anna Faris, Maya Rudolph, and more! So, give your 👍 a rest, stop sending emojis, and laugh your 🍑 off at the crazy adventures of these emojis.


Ballers is life


Watch season 3 of Ballers on Vudu, and check out seasons 1 and 2 trailers for free!


If you haven’t checked out this comedy, you’re missing out. Ballers stars Dwayne Johnson as a charismatic sports agent who manages his athletes like he’s herding cats – so it’s a heck of a lot of fun. It’s also got stacks, whips, gold chains, and groupies (if you like that sort of thing). And in a similar vein to Entourage, expect to see real athletes and sports commentators making cameos.


You can pre-order season 3 today, or if you don’t know what the hype is about, check out the trailers for season 1 and 2 for free.


Nobody parks Baby in a corner

 Rent Baby Driver today on Vudu!


Baby Driver is a pedal to the metal thrill-fest that goes from 0-100 real quick. It’s an Edgar Wright movie (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim), so expect everything to move pretty quick in this film (watch out for the whiplash). The driving is slick. Real slick. And with a cadence that times it perfectly with the music, it makes The Fast and The Furious franchise (say that 10 times quickly) guys look like a bunch of busters. Rent it tonight without leaving the couch – just sit back and enjoy the ride.


Elvira is in the building

Watch Elvira...and her 13 Nights of Elvira for free on Movies On Us


Swing by and hang out with The Mistress of the Dark, she’s free for next 13 nights. Well, her 13 Nights of Elvira series that is. Check out 13 of her favorite “best of the worst” B-horror movies, and be amazed at just how frightening some of the movies are (interpret that how you will).  Get plenty of Elvira, and her skewering commentary, free with Movies On Us. And be sure to check out our anime, just added, and other collections.



Pre-order Spider-Man: Homecoming in HDX and get it upgraded to 4K+HDR for free

Is your Spidey sense tingling yet?



It should be. Because your HDX pre-order of Spider-Man: Homecoming will get a free Tony Stark-level upgrade to the 4K+HDR (UHD) version when it’s released. That’s right, you’re getting Spider-Man: Homecoming in 4K+HDR for only $19.99! Yes, even though it doesn’t show the option. (It’s like a surprise in a suitcase, only it’s on your computer. Or whatever device you’re on.)


And, YES, that means if you already pre-ordered the HDX version, you’re automatically (or should we say, automagically) getting a free upgrade to the 4K+HDR version too. Yeah. So you won’t be needing that caps lock button for an internet rant after all. (Yup, just reach that pinky over there…and yeah…click…there you go.)


How about that. Peter Parker gets an upgraded suit; you get an upgraded movie. For free. Not to mention on top of it all, you’ll also be eligible to get $3 movie credit back when the movie is released. Boom. Training-wheels protocol disengaged.


Even if you don’t have a 4K TV, no worries. You’ll get the 4K+HDR version of the movie (because free upgrade) and you’ll still be able to manually downgrade the resolution (from the control bar) to watch it in HDX like you normally would. Then when you get your sticky spider fingers on a 4K TV, voila, you’re future proof.


Heck yeah, it’s big news. It’s like Goliath Birdeater tarantula big. Well, even bigger, but that’s big enough as far as spiders are concerned. So, sling some web and head over to pre-order it now.


And then join us for our #VuduViewingParty on Friday, Sept. 29th, at 6:00pm (PT). Follow @vudufans on Twitter for fun facts, trivia, and giveaways all throughout the screening! RSVP now and reserve a spot on your couch for Spider-Man and Vudu!


As with all pre-orders, we’ll process your payment on the release date, and you’ll receive your $3 movie credit shortly after that.



Baby Driver brings hum in the drum, Donnie Darko is back, and IT is available for pre-order


Hit the gas with Baby Driver

Watch Baby Driver now on Vudu!

Edgar Wright redlines it with this full-throttle 113-minute adrenaline rush going by the slightly misleading name, Baby Driver. (It definitely won’t lull you to sleep.)


This thrill-ride of a movie is full of his signature quick-cuts and action, plus this time around we’re also treated to a turbo boost of eardrum thumping music, and moves so slick it makes everyone else look like they’re driving Power Wheels.


Donnie Darko turns 15


Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Donnie Darko and watch this cult classic featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, his sister Maggie, Patrick Swayze, and a whole slew of other powerhouse names – including Frank, a guy in a stupid bunny suit.


If you weren’t able to catch it when it made its rounds in theaters earlier this year, now is your chance to add it to your collection and relive the (dark) magic of this wickedly twisted tale. Enjoy it in your stupid man suit and watch tonight!


Now available for rent


Your mom always told you not to forget your underpants, or was it to wear clean ones? (But why wouldn’t you want to wear clean ones?) Anyway, now you get to give your kids their own underpants. Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie that is.


Rent it today and save it for family movie night this weekend, or next, or whenever (you’ve got 30 days to start it). And if you want to round out family movie night with some activities, check out this blog post.

Now available for rent on Vudu, The Mummy!

Also available for rent, The Mummy, the movie that launchs the “Dark Universe,” and the horror/suspense thriller It Comes At Night. (All of a sudden I want to hear some Rolling Stones….)


Float your way to this pre-order

Float over to Vudu and pre-order the terrifying remake of IT, available now!

It’s another year in Derry, Maine, and this sleepy town is about to be woken up from a 30-year long slumber – with a record breaking opening weekend. We’re talking about the super creepy reboot of Stephen King’s IT and its US box-office shattering $123.1 million (as of Monday morning). Pre-order IT for a rainy day, today.