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The Hunt

man holding two guns

Are you ready to join The Hunt? This action thriller follows a group of people who find themselves in the role of prey in a twisted hunt for sport by a group of elites. But no one expected one woman to know how to play this well, and their game is going to get flipped upside down. Pre-order The Hunt today and get a $3 credit in your inbox on release.

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Lone Survivor

two men in military garb with guns in woods

Trek through the harsh deserts of Afghanistan with a brave group of Navy SEALs in the action-packed Lone Survivor, starring Mark Wahlberg. They’re on a mission to capture a Taliban leader but end up in an unprecedented ambush, having to fight the battle of their lives. See where their strength and courage takes them in this true, bestselling story.

Zero Dark Thirty

man in uniform leading woman

Zero Dark Thirty is a dramatic thriller that tells the true story of the decade-long hunt for one of the world’s most infamous terrorists, Osama bin Laden. See the blood, sweat and tears it took for this team to change the course of history.

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Disney Princesses Sale


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Go on the tropical adventure of a lifetime in the heartwarming Moana. Watch her meet plenty of cute and funny characters along the way, and good luck not singing along to all of the catchy tunes too.

Beauty and the Beast

animated woman with cape showing beast birds

Re-visit one of Disney’s biggest classics, Beauty and the Beast. Come along on Belle’s adventure as she shows the beast the meaning of love through countless memorable sing-alongs.

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Experience the Classic Tale Turned Modern Nightmare in The Invisible Man

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Get ready to experience the haunting terror of The Invisible Man. The highly buzzed about film starring the talented Elizabeth Moss is a dark, psychological journey that is not for the faint of heart. The movie takes a look at the Invisible Man “monster” concept and makes it modern through a fresh perspective, a gripping story, and a talented cast. So come along on the journey to explore the classic Invisible Man’s terror and the new… if you dare.

Elizabeth Moss’s Performance Grips us

The Invisible Man (2020) tells the story of Cecilia, played by Moss, who suspects that her abusive ex-partner is haunting her following his suspicious death. Throughout the movie we see Cecilia fight this mysterious invisible force, both physically and psychologically. Cecilia has suffered significant trauma following her partner’s abuse too, adding another layer of torment, and making her fight to survive that much more powerful. Elizabeth Moss is the perfect choice for this role thanks to her ability to put us in her shoes, which is key in conveying her terror.

Check out our exclusive interview with The Invisible Man cast:

Curious to know how the latest Invisible Man has evolved from the classic monster from 1933? Let’s take a trip back in time and see.

comparing invisible man 1933 vs 2020

A Scientist Goes Stark Raving Mad

man covered in bandages and woman in black and white

Although both movies are about the terror caused by an invisible man, they approach the concept very differently. In The Invisible Man from 1933, Dr. Jack Griffin, played by Claude Rains, creates a potion to make himself invisible, and he becomes a raving, murderous lunatic as a result. Jack doesn’t care who he kills and there’s isn’t much method to his madness. He’s more a playful but deadly nuisance to society, going as far as pranking people with his invisibility powers. There is an air of ridiculous about him, making him a lot less frightening than a modern audience would expect from a villain. We also spend a lot of time with Jack as he describes the quirks and oddities of his invisible existence, which brings us closer to understanding him. He explains that he was driven to become invisible to gain power and notoriety for his invention. So while he is invisible, his motive is transparent, which makes him a lot less frightening… and even a tiny bit likable. This of course reflects moviemaking of the time and what audiences enjoyed about the film experience back then. And it’s also starkly different from the evil we encounter in the modern film.  

A Cold, Calculated Nightmare That Follows

woman holding knife

The modern invisible man is a different kind of nightmare suited to haunt a modern audience. Through most of the movie, we don’t get hear the invisible man, Adrian, speak. He is silent, deadly and remorseless. We see the consequences of his terrifying actions through the experience of Cecilia, and she has to guess his motives, actions, and predict his every move. Part of what makes the modern Invisible Man so scary is how calculated he is too. He doesn’t just threaten to take Cecilia’s life – he uses her weaknesses against her and goes after everything she cares about. This makes him unpredictable and amps up his sinister retaliations tenfold. And he isn’t driven by power and money like the original Invisible Man, since he’s already successful. His motivation is much darker than that – total possession of Cecilia. That’s what’s most terrifying about the modern Invisible Man. No matter where Cecilia goes or who she’s with, she can never get a moment of peace. He’s ready to attack at any given moment. And what’s worse is that he will stop at nothing.

Check out this behind-the-scenes look in filming The Invisible Man:

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Laugh it Up


two police officers talking

CHiPs follows two California Highway Patrol officers: one a hardened pro, the other a fresh newbie who just joined the force. Pretty soon they start clashing through hilarious misadventures, and the new guy reveals he’s there for a lot more than just using a speedometer gun.

Solve the Puzzle


four people staring into cube window

Cube might be just the underrated thriller you need this weekend. Six strangers are placed in a bizarre cube-shaped maze with only one task: find a way to escape. See if they can solve the puzzle before it’s too late.

Get Into the Action


man holding gun ready to shoot

Get in on all the excitement in Ronin. A team of professional killers is brought together to track down a mysterious package. The only problem is that the Russians are after it too. It’s spies and shootouts galore in this action packed-race!

Feel the Drama

Little Children

three women sitting in background of woman staring ahead

Little Children is a thought-provoking story based on the critically acclaimed novel that takes a unique look at domestic life and marriage through a dark, comedic lens. When a married man and a woman take the slippery path down infidelity, they soon have to brace for the impact of their decisions – and whether their married lives were ever as bad as they believed.