In the wake of the greatest, most reality-warping superhero vs. supervillain conflict of all time, one hero must rise from the ashes as a beacon of hope for the future. But first, summer vacation!

Everyone’s favorite web-slinging wall-crawler is back with new allies, new enemies, and new responsibilities in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and the Marvel Cinematic universe will never be the same.

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Some houseguests just don’t know how to mind their manners, and that goes double for possessed, murderous demon dolls.

The Conjuring universe’s most powerful plaything is back to her old mischief, finally freed from the Warren’s cursed artifact room and ready to wreak havoc with a whole new arsenal of evil items at her disposal. No one is safe when Annabelle Comes Home.


Professor Xavier’s students are no strangers to conflict, but even they’re not ready when they’re most dangerous threat comes from one of their own. Absolute power corrupts absolutely in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.


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Vudu Launches New Features and Content for Family-Friendly Entertainment

Vudu has been the home for tens of millions of customers to watch a broad library of movies and TV shows – 10,000+ of which are free – with no commitment and no subscription fees. Today, we are giving our customers more to love. With so much content available and more people watching, what if we could also be a streaming service that provides a great, safe viewing environment for families? What if we could provide our customers the flexibility to ensure that content and the Vudu experience are appropriate for everyone in the family to watch, including the youngest of viewers – kids?

Well, that’s what we’ve been hearing our customers want. They’ve told us they’re concerned about what their families can browse, purchase and watch. That’s why we’re launching a suite of new features to offer customers the ability to control and customize their entertainment viewing experience to better meet the needs of their family and their values.

New Features to Enable an Ideal Entertainment Experience for Anyone in Your Household

Starting today, Vudu users can access several new features to help them make informed decisions about movie and TV show appropriateness, as well as control and customize the content they want to watch, including: 

  • Family Play: Family Play lets customers tailor their viewing experience so everyone can enjoy films together – no matter the MPAA rating. That’s because, through Family Play, customers can choose to skip or mute objectionable content, including substance abuse, language, violence, sex, and nudity, based on their own preferences. The feature is available on over 500 eligible major studio titles (both free and paid content). Additional titles will be made available each week.
  • Ratings and Reviews from a Parent’s Perspective: Through our partnership with Common Sense Media, the leading source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families, customers will now be able to gauge if a film or TV show is appropriate for the little ones in their homes. When browsing our library, customers will find detailed information on thousands of titles, including a parental review and the minimum age recommended by Common Sense Media as appropriate to watch the content, providing a trusted guide for families.
  • Kids Mode: Now, through Kids Mode, customers have the ability to provide a safe watching experience for their kids. This feature, incorporating data from Common Sense Media, lets viewers limit what kids can browse or view to only content appropriate to the child’s age. Kids Mode is available on both free titles and rented or purchased titles in a customer’s library.

These features are now available across iOS and Android, web, and living room devices, making Vudu the one and only streaming service to offer a comprehensive solution to safeguard content for viewers. And, these features are fully under the control of our viewers, to ensure that each customer can make their own choices about what is appropriate for their family. That’s something we’re really proud of.

Original and Exclusive Content Available Only On Vudu – Mr. Mom and Blue’s Clues & You!

What makes this launch even better?  Exclusive and Original content for co-viewing with families – for free.

We’re starting with our first Vudu Original, Mr. Mom, which premieres today and is perfect entertainment for the whole family to enjoy together. This 11-episode series is a modern continuation of the classic ‘80s film and stars Hayes MacArthur (Super Troopers 2, Angie Tribeca) as a dad who decides it’s his turn to stay at home with the kids when his wife, played by Andrea Anders (Instant FamilyJoey), re-enters the workforce. Viewers can tune in for new episodes every Thursday through October 10 to see how the Anderson family proves that family is a full-time job.

And, later this month, on September 27, we’ll exclusively debut three episodes of Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues & You!, a remake of the ground-breaking preschool series, ahead of its premiere on Nickelodeon in November.

Mr. Mom and Blue’s Clues & You! are the first of many original and exclusive entertainment programs that Vudu viewers will be able to enjoy. They are both excellent additions to our already broad library of movies and TV shows – including 10,000+ free titles – that bring everyone in the family together. 

So at Vudu, we’re committed to creating a great destination for movies and TV – all for you. We’ve got over 180,000 of your favorite movies and TV shows to buy or rent, more than 10,000 titles you can watch for free, and now, we also do family. Come watch what we do!



The Rolling Stones. Prince. Queen. Certain artists create a body of work so expansive and resonant that it will live on in rock-and-roll memory long after they’re gone. Except when it doesn’t.

When a struggling singer-songwriter realizes he’s the only person on earth who remembers The Beatles, he’ll have to choose between his artistic integrity and the stardom he’s chased for so long in Yesterday.

Some birthday gifts seem almost too good to be true. In an age of AI learning and invasive electronics, one boy will learn to be careful what he wishes for.

The demon doll Chucky is ready for his triumphant return, this time re-imagined as a high-tech toy gone terribly wrong. Time for a little Child’s Play.

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When the baddest man around comes up against a threat even he can’t handle alone, serving up some street-level justice become’s a family affair.

One name, three generations, unlimited possibilities. Bad guys better run when they hear someone talking about Shaft.


Experience a whole new world with Aladdin, go on the run with John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, or try to survive the night when The Dead Don’t Die.



You’ve seen them fend off godlike foes from ancient times and high-tech super weapons from the future, but now the X-Men must unite face the greatest threat to their existence: one of their own.

Based on the legendary comic book story, X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the culmination of two decades of mutant melees, and no one is escaping the final fight unscathed.

Watch our exclusive behind-the-scenes clip below to learn how this wild, women-led cinematic event came together, and check back Thursday for our Q&A with the cast and director for even more insight into the world of Dark Phoenix.

If you want even more Dark Phoenix insights, get them straight from the source with our exclusive interview with X-Men writer and Dark Phoenix Saga scribe Chris Claremont here.

You don’t ever really know your neighbors until they show up at your door undead and hungry for brains. At least, that’s what the good people of Centerville are slowly discovering.

In the wake of a series of strange changes in the town’s sleepy existence, one new difference stands out among the others: The Dead Don’t Die. Time for the townsfolk (composed of a laundry list of A-list actors) to fight back.


Take alien investigations global with Men in Black: International, discover the horror behind a friendly smile with Ma, and take a walk on the wild side with Booksmart.

Want to know how the crew of Booksmart made the film’s visuals pop? Watch our exclusive behind-the-scenes look below to find out.


Second chances don’t come easy, so this ex-con ex-ballplayer is going to make his count. Watch the promo for Bottom of the 9th below, and watch it now without heading to the theater.