You stay classy, SDDC! Yup, Vudu went to Comic-Con!

So, how was your weekend?


We came, we saw, we Con-quered SDCC. And by we, I mean two lucky guys – both of whom were not me. Like most of you, the rest of us didn’t get to go to the Con (wah, wah). They did actually do so some work, but they also had a great time and took some great pictures so we could live vicariously through them.


Since you probably weren’t able to go (like us), we thought we’d share the experience with you guys as well. Behold, through the wonders of technology you can experience SDCC like you were there! So, let’s get this (post) Comic-Con party started! And stay tuned for more pictures of a slew of epic collectibles and other sights from their trip later this week!


Ding. You are now free to fly around the Con. – “It was clear it was Comic-Con as soon as we got to San Diego. First thought: Yeah Southwest (not a plug), you do you. Second thought: ‘You stay classy San Diego.’”



The car maketh the Con – “Arriving in style. JK. But we are pretty excited about Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The first one was a surprise hit, and we’re expecting big things from this second installment and the addition of Channing Tatum, Pedro Pascal, and Jeff Bridges as Statesmen.”


“Hey, we’re finally here. Oh, wait….”



“And wait…”


“Still waiting…”



“And we’re in! Kinda…”


What is this? A Con for ants? – “The sheer size and scale are hard to comprehend if you haven’t been. It’s literally wall to wall people, booths, toys, and just so much cool stuff it’ll blow your mind.”



They do exist! Vudu users in the wild – “These two guys overheard us talking and asked ‘You work for Vudu? We totally love Vudu. It’s the best service and we totally will never, ever, ever, use anything else.’” Ok so we may have paraphrased the last part, but the sentiment is accurate. And yes, it was unsolicited. And, yes, it happened for real.


Brains talking about brains – “Our first panel of the year – Fear the Walking Dead! And look there’s Chris Hardwick (he’s everywhere. all. the. time.)”



Come with me, you’ll float too – “Creepy, dude, just creepy. Guess we’re not sleeping tonight.”



Bringing the heat – “Anyone here speak Targaryen?”



Do or do not. There is no try.


Does Con stand for congested? – “Ok, time to get to workOMG-this-hall-is-packed-how-are-we-going-to-find…”



“…Oh, wait. Never mind. Come and find us, we’re at the Fox Fanfare booth this weekend.” (FYI – We’re not really there anymore.)



Free is a big deal (shameless plug for our free movies) – “If you were there and swung by the Fox Fanfare booth, we had some pretty cool fidget cubes for you. If you didn’t get one, sorry, it’s going to be worth a lot of money someday.” (Not really, but it was cool)



The theme of the day is lines – “Look at all these fans in line to learn about Vudu.” (Or they wanted free swag. JK guys, great job.)


Now we have something to phone home about – “Hey look, it’s Steven Speilberg! He totally looked at us when we yelled his name. We’re breathing the same air.” Excited for Ready Player One? We are. They released a special trailer at SDDC and it gives more context around this 80’s smorgasbord of nostalgia that we can’t wait to watch. Check it out and see how many 80s references you caught. We counted about a dozen.


That’s it for now. Check back later this week and we’ll post pictures of cosplay, collectibles, and much more!