You got five on it – Spend $25, Get $5 Back

The weekend is here, so here’s another reason to watch more movies


It’s November! That means Thanksgiving, falling back from Daylight Savings Time, and PSLs (well pumpkin spiced everything it seems nowadays).


And in case you hadn’t heard, it also means getting $5 movie credit next month when you spend $25 this month.


Simply spend a total of $25 before the end of this month, and come December we’ll slide right into your DMs with $5 movie credit. Think of it as your reward for surviving Daylight Savings Time. A fall back kickback, if you will.


About 150,000 reasons to get this deal


I mean, let’s be honest. Out of our over 150,000 titles, there are probably a few movies or TV shows you were eyeing – maybe Despicable Me 3 or American Assassin. Why not pick them up and get a little something back? Or get make your dollar stretch even further by shopping any of our sales and doubling down on deals. Savings and $5 movie credit? Give me a big slice of that pie.


Pick up a Jack Reacher bundle, a Ride Along bundle, or some classics with a Mean Girls/Clueless bundle (on Fridays we buy bundles), or any of these other 2-movie bundles for under $15 and you’re more than halfway there.


We’ve also got a super Marvel Sale going on that’ll put you on your way to $25 in spend. Because after that, it’s just a couple rentals or maybe something from the $6.99 Monthly Deals sale (choose from nearly 200 movies) – and you’re golden.


There are some restrictions. Any credits you use won’t count toward your $25 in minimum spend and tax doesn’t either. (Yeah, life isn’t always fair #firstworldproblems) Also, pre-orders will only count if they’re charged in November, limit one per account, yada, yada, yada. Full terms and conditions can be found here.