Win movie props from The Greatest Showman

Are you The Greatest Showman?


The feats. The spectacle. The Greatest Showman is the tale of the birth of show business and dreams coming true.


Now, we’re about to make your show business dreams come true. If you’ve got unique talent that you believe is worthy of a spot on “The Greatest Show” and you could win one of two prize packs. Each prize pack contains props that were used on-screen in the movie – and we’ve got the Certificates of Authenticity to prove it!


So showcase your skills and enter here.



Show Us What You Got, Win Great Prizes


Remember, “every one of us is special, and nobody is like anyone else.” So whether your talent is riding tiny bicycles, or being a bear, or even being a bear riding a tiny bicycle, tell us what makes you your own greatest showman.


After all, while P.T. Barnum never actually said “there’s a sucker born every minute,” you don’t want to feel like one for not entering.


And, if you haven’t seen this 5-star movie (as rated by Vudu fans), you definitely might feel like a sucker if you don’t add The Greatest Showman to your collection while it’s on sale for $12.99. Now that’s music to our ears.