Why TV is Even Better on VUDU


Are we in a new golden age of television? Shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Community and (easily) dozens more consistently wow audiences with their complex story-telling, fine-tuned acting, quality production, smart premises and unique voices. Today more shows than ever are truly must-see TV.

Must-see TV on VUDU

Breaking Bad Mad Men Game of Thrones Community

The even better news is that this new golden age coincides with a new digital age. It’s never been easier to watch (or try) the shows you want, wherever and whenever you want—especially with services like VUDU.

Missed that episode last night? Watch it the next day on VUDU. Can’t wait till you get home? Just download or stream it to your smartphone or tablet. Don’t have cable? VUDU carries cable shows also. Want to cut the cord? Join the VUDU club.

Cut the Chord

VUDU and over 60 network channels makes cutting the cord much easier.

Watching TV shows is just better on VUDU. In fact, here’s a new page detailing why. And beyond the core benefits of TV anywhere, no commercials, next day availability and access to thousands of shows, you get customizable subtitles, standard or high definition options, curated collections, bonus content and even free episodes. For these reasons and more, it’s just easier and more convenient to watch TV on VUDU.


Today, we’ve also made trying and collecting TV shows even better. In addition to Season Pass for currently airing TV shows, which automatically adds new episodes to your VUDU Library (and at a discounted price), we’ve launched two new offers: Season Complete and Season Upgrade.


In short, owning TV shows is now easier and more affordable. For select shows, if you try out an episode or two of a season and decide you like it, you can complete the entire season and only pay the difference. If you already own a season in standard definition (SD), you can upgrade it to high definition (720p HD or 1080p HDX) for only the difference in price as well.

In both cases, your past purchases are credited toward the complete or upgraded season price and the discount is automatically reflected in the price on the title pages. No redeeming codes or jumping through hoops.

Complete your seasons…Season Complete2

or upgrade them.Season Complete(1)


Hundreds of TV shows have Season Pass offers and thousands have Season Complete and Season Upgrade offers. For more information, visit our Season Offer Page and FAQs. You can find a brief list of top shows in this collection room, or just sign in to VUDU and view the offers for eligible TV seasons on your My VUDU page.


Top Shows to Complete or Upgrade

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  • Tyler Hilliard

    June 20, 2014 at 4:58 am

    Amazing! I thought about how ‘season complete’ should exist when using Vudu recently but imagined it would never happen. Bravo Vudu, bravo.

  • Carson J Gallo

    July 4, 2014 at 7:11 pm

    Are you gonna add the upgrade option for movies? Cause I gotta a lot of movies I’d want to update to HDX.

  • Jchang

    July 7, 2014 at 10:20 am

    That is definitely a great idea and we’ll look into it.