We’re at a fever pitch over Pitch Perfect 3


The Bellas are back Pitch Perfect 3, and they’re pitch-ier than ever in this third installment of this wildly fun franchise. And this time the movie gets a little more self-aware and able to poke a little more fun at itself.


So say what you will, but we’re not mad at the Pitch Perfect 3 or the series. Because just like them, we’re all about the music – and in that regard, they’re definitely crushing it.


Just check out this mashup they sang with some of the contestants from The Voice:



And for you true fans (of music, or the franchise) the movie has teamed up with Spotify to let you listen to each soundtrack for free (Spotify account required).


Crank up the tunes, jam out, and let yourself fall in love with the Bellas. (It’ll be our secret guilty pleasure.)


Or may we suggest rocking out with your bella out and throwing a karaoke movie party? Because who doesn’t love a karaoke party? Free theme idea: BYOB & BOYB – Bring your own beverage & bring out your bella. Just throwing it out there. But don’t let us dictate your movie night – except to help make it aca-awesome.


Watch (and sing along to) Pitch Perfect 3 now on Vudu. Check out the soundtracks here:


Pitch Perfect Soundtrack

Pitch Perfect 2 Soundtrack

Pitch Perfect 3 Soundtrack