Family Play is no longer available. Updated: 7/20/2020.


We know you and your family want to watch the latest hit movies, but may not be comfortable with some of the content (violence, sex, swearing, substance abuse.). That’s why we’ve introduced Family Play, a new way to watch your favorite movies while choosing the content you’d like to skip over or mute.


When watching eligible movies, Family Play lets you skip over scenes or lines that you’ve decided don’t align with your values or aren’t appropriate for your family. Family Play puts the power in your hands by letting you select specific content types like Language, Violence, and Sex/Nudity that you would like to seamlessly skip over, while leaving everything else the same.

If you’re ok with your kids hearing some harsh language but don’t want them seeing depictions of drug use, you can turn on the Substance Abuse option while leaving Language alone. If you want to enjoy the latest mystery thriller with all of the suspense but none of the fighting or sexuality, the Violence and Sex/Nudity buttons are there for you. If the kids have gone to bed halfway through the movie and you don’t mind the adult content, just pause the movie, turn off Family Play, and resume the movie from the same place you stopped without any skips. Family Play gives you options to take charge of your viewing experience based on preferences and who is watching.

Because skips and mutes are determined based on a number of different contextual factors, viewer discretion is still advised. If you have questions or concerns about content that was not skipped or muted, you can contact our Customer Care team at 888-554-8838.


Even when you’re not monitoring, Family Play can help protect your kids from the content you don’t want them to see. Setting an optional 4-digit Pin to exit Family Play means the settings you’ve selected will stay on while your kids are enjoying Family Play eligible movies from your collection on their favorite devices.

Family Play is set-up separately on each device, so you can set a PIN on devices that are for family use while having no PIN, different settings, or no Family Play at all on your personal devices.


Family Play is available on over 500 PG and PG-13 rated movies so far (including movies from our free collection) that you can find in our Family Play collection here. New titles are added every week, so you’ll always have something ready for your next family movie night. To find out whether a title in your collection is Family Play compatible, look on the movie’s details page for the “Watch this with Family Play” link under the description or look for the title in the Family Play collection.

Family Play is currently available on web, iOS and Android devices, select Samsung TVs*, newer LG TVs**, most Roku devices***, and Xbox One, so you can stream your movies confidently whether at home or on the go. Get complete details and answers to all of your Family Play related questions here.


Stronger, more versatile parental controls and more choice in what content you see has been at the top of our users’ list of requested features, and we’re proud to offer Family Play as an optional, non-intrusive solution that you can adjust to your family’s needs. Head to your Vudu Account Settings now and select “Manage” under “Family Play” to start watching your way today.

*excluding 2017

**2017 models and up

*** 4K TV (Current gen), 2K TV, Premiere/Premiere+, Ultra, Express/Express+ ( Current + some prior gen) , Streaming Stick/Stick+ ( Current + some prior gen), and Smart Soundbar