Watch These Powerful Black Stories for Free

Empathy and knowledge can help bring about change. And we are passionate about the power of cinema and its ability to drive that change forward to make a difference. So we are sharing the voices of these talented black creators and visionaries through their inspirational cinematic stories.

Just Mercy

two men sitting in court room at table

Just Mercy tells the true story centered around a much needed battle for justice. The film stars Jamie Foxx as wrongfully convicted Walter McMillian and Michael B. Jordan as Bryan Stevenson, a Harvard graduate who fights to prove his innocence in a murder case. But the odds are heavily stacked against McMillian in an unjust system, making Stevenson’s fight that much more grueling and inspirational.


group of people walking holding arms

Selma centers on the true story behind the events in 1965 Alabama. The film stars David Oyelowo as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and chronicles his campaign to get equal voting rights for everyone in the midst of ongoing hatred and violence. Watch history in the making in this stirring drama.

The Hate U Give

girls walking in school hallway

The Hate U Give is a bestseller-turned-film that shows the importance of courage in the face of adversity. The film stars Amandla Stenberg as Starr Carter, a young girl who witnesses her childhood friend get killed. Despite all the pressure she faces from all sides, she’s got to find the strength to fight for what’s right.


boxer in the ring

Ali tells the incredible story of one of history’s most talented fighters, Muhammad Ali. Will Smith dedicates himself to the role of the complex man behind the legend, all the controversies surrounding him, his accomplishments, and everything in between.

Brian Banks

man doing football training on field

Brian Banks is another true story of persistence and triumph. The film centers around a talented high school footballer set to play for USC. But when he’s wrongfully convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, he has to fight the broken justice system for years to gain his freedom, and overcome all odds to play for the NFL.

Antwone Fisher

man showing another man piece of paper

Antwone Fisher is an inspirational story of growth and forgiveness. The film centers on a young sailor, played by Derek Luke, who meets with a psychiatrist, played by Denzel Washington, after an outburst with a crewman. Through his long and difficult journey, Antwone must reckon with all of the pain from his past in order to move forward and truly start living.

The Secret Life of Bees

a woman and girl sitting outside talking

The Secret Life of Bees is a novel-turned-film with an impressive female cast, starring the likes of Queen Latifah, Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Hudson, and Alicia Keys. The film set in 1964 Southern Carolina centers on a young girl who escapes her troubled life with her nanny and finds solace with three kind beekeeping sisters. During her stay, she reconnects with her mysterious past and reckons with the adversity facing the sisters helping take care of her.


two men in uniforms talking

Blindspotting is an intense drama set in modern day Oakland, California. This film centers on Collin, played by Deveed Diggs, a man who has to make it through his final days of probation so he can start a new life. His childhood friend Miles, played by Rafael Casal, may show him a good time but also proves to be a lot of trouble, forcing Collin to make some tough decisions.