Watch Roman J. Isreal, ESQ, Wonder, Tyler Perry’s Boo 2: A Madea Halloween

Plus new rentals and free survival movies


All rise


To tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you should probably watch Roman J. Israel, Esq. We won’t throw the book at you if you don’t, but you’ll be missing out on some brilliant acting by Denzel Washington as an idealistic defense attorney who is constantly battling a corrupt system, only to be corrupted by it himself. Retain his services starting tonight, on Vudu.


Don’t be scurrred


It’s just Madea. Tyler Perry’s lovable Madea is back in Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween. (Come on Tyler Perry, do you have to put your name in all your movies?) Who cares if it’s not Halloween anymore, scary good laughs are always in season – so whatever.


Wonder how he looks that good?


Becuase you can watch Wonder in up to 4K + HDR.  Fall in love with this inspiring story of Auggie, a kid born with facial deformities, as he navigates his first year of public school. It’s tough, poignant, and wonderful all at the same time, and you can watch it now on Vudu.


Your weekend project


It’s not the happiest place on Earth, it’s just next to it. But that doesn’t mean it’s close to it either. The Florida Project takes a hard look at a marginalized and ignored part of society through the wonder and imagination of a child’s eyes. Watch this beautiful but tough to swallow film that critics and viewers agree is a must watch.


Be A Rock God


When you make a deal with the devil, don’t expect things to go right. While that pretty much sums up American Satan, it doesn’t do any justice to just how bad things can get. You’ll just have to watch this horror/drama (and a devilishly good Malcolm McDowell) to find out. Now available for rent.


Free Survival Tips

Looking to survive the work week? Look no further than these free movies on Movies On Us. There’s plenty of great movies about people having a worse week than you.


Watch a family reunion take a turn for the worse when a group of merciless killers crashes the party in You’re Next, a Black-Ops agent take revenge for a double-cross in Haywire, a crazy class of Japanese high-school kids battle to the death (and serve as the inspiration for The Hunger Games) in the cult classic Battle Royal, and the animated version of the epic poem Beowulf.


Don’t worry there’s plenty more free titles in our Survival of the Fittest collection, as well as thousands more on Movies On Us.