Watch Pacific Rim Uprising and Sherlock Gnomes in 4K + HDR

Also, watch The Rake, Devil’s Gate, and more


Jaeger Masters

Now available on Vudu, Pacific Rim Uprising in up to 4K + HDR!


File this under “Sure, I’ll have another,” because Pacific Rim Uprising is a double shot of bigger Jaegers and bigger Kaiju. There’s more action, more battles, and of course, more destruction – and since it’s available in up to 4K + HDR, there’s more detail and color clarity for your eyeballs to be awestruck at.


Rolling with the Gnomies

Party like gnomebody's watching and watch Sherlock Gnomes in up to 4K + HDR on Vudu!


Your favorite Gnomes are back. And then they’re gone again – because they’ve gone missing. And it’s going to take the greatest ceramic mind of all to find them – Sherlock Gnomes. Get the adventure of a lifetime when you journey to the other side of the pond and discover that no matter where you are, gnome is where the heart is.


Also New This Week

Watch the devilishly good horror/suspense of Devil's Gate, now available on Vudu


The cops of Devil’s Gate think this farmer is just growing conspiracy theories, but what he’s got locked up in his basement goes way beyond crop circles.


Watch The Debt Collector or we'll break your legs, sorry we mean watch these debt collectors break some legs...


How’s this for a career change? A guy who is in debt stops bouncing checks and starts bouncing heads to pay it off. It’s not a heist movie, it’s a fight movie – and the fists and the bullets fly in The Debt Collector.


This ain't your garden variety horror movie, watch The Rake - now available on Vudu!


It’s supposed to be a myth, but this myth murdered their parents, and 20 years later it’s coming back for them. Truth or urban legend? Watch The Rake and decide for yourself.


Come on, Danica McKellar. Nuff said. Wedding Bells is available now on Vudu.


Too many choices? Can’t commit? We’ve got something for that too. Wedding Bells features a commitment-phobic duo end up paired-up as the best man and maid of honor at a mutual friend’s wedding. Why? Because Danica McKellar, that’s why.


Now Available for Rent

Revenge never gets old. Watch Death Wish with Bruce Willis, now on Vudu.


Bruce Willis has a Death Wish in this remake of the Charles Bronson classic. If you were waiting for it to be available for rent, you’re in luck. The guys who cross Bruce Willis? Not so much.


These two rebellious teens are racing down a dark path in Thoroughbreds, available now on Vudu


Teens are dark, but these teens, whoa. Thoroughbreds follows two childhood friends as they plot the murder of one of their stepfathers. It’s dark, smart, and definitely worth a rental.


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