Watch Murder on the Orient Express

Plus, be entered into a drawing for a movie prop prize pack

Don’t miss this gravy train



Agatha Christie fans: We’ve got your ticket for a first-class ride on the Orient Express. Purchase Murder on the Orient Express and be entered into a drawing for a mysterious movie prop prize pack!


Get the movie anytime between now and March 1st, and we’ll throw your name in with all the other suspects…err passengers riding along for the drawing. Don’t worry if you pre-ordered, you’re eligible too. We wouldn’t leave any hardcore fans at the station.


Fans can win one of two prize packs that include replicas of Hercule Poirot’s cane and case, A Tale of Two Cities book prop, blueprints, one perfectly timed four-minute egg (don’t worry it’s rubber), and a copy of the telegraph that led to Mr. Poirot’s journey on the Orient Express.


Full rules here.


All aboard for a killer time


This reimagining of Agatha Christie’s most recognized and prolific mysteries brings together an all-star cast that includes Johnny Depp, Michelle Pheiffer, Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, and more.


So get ready for a great ride that steams ahead with an amazing cast, rich visuals, and of course, Mr. Poirot’s peerless mustache.