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Achievement unlocked: Watch “From Concept to Screen” now and the movie upon release

  Watch exclusive content now with your Ready Player One pre-order on Vudu

Come with me, and you’ll be…in a world of pure imagination. Well, technically, in a world of author and co-screenwriter Ernest Cline, and Steven Spielberg’s imagination – but we could think of worse imaginations to be in.


Now, when you pre-order Ready Player One on Vudu, you’ll get instant access to “From Concept to Screen,” an exclusive clip that takes you behind the scenes and shows you what it took to bring the immersive worlds of the Stacks and the OASIS from book to screen.


If you build it, he will come

(Yeah, yeah, different movie, but the idea still applies. Besides, it’s technically an 80’s reference – which the movie is chock-full of. #linkspoileralert)


If you’ve seen Ready Player one, you already know how rich and complex both worlds are – worlds truly born of imagination. So, it’s incredibly rewarding to watch “From Concept to Screen” and see the energy and commitment Spielberg and his team exercised in staying as true to the book as possible.


You can pre-order Ready Player One now on Vudu in up to 4K + HDR.  Or if you’re a cash-only kind of person (how 80s of you), or you happen to be headed to a Walmart store, you can look for the Ready Player One Digital Movie Card. (Pre-order payment will process immediately.)