Watch Dunkirk, Flatliners, and Lego Ninjago

New rentals – Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Detroit, and free movies

Life’s a beach

Watch Dunkirk on Vudu today!

Christopher Nolan takes on WWII and wins big with this amazing story of the Battle of Dunkirk. If you’ve been surfing past the History Channel, here’s why you should watch this movie:


Some 400,000 some British and Allied troops were trapped between an advancing German army and the Strait of Dover – so close to the safety of Brittan they could literally see it, but with no way to get there. If the rescue effort hadn’t succeeded, Brittan might have surrendered to Hitler.


Watch Dunkirk on Vudu today!


Nolan covers the story from top to bottom, literally. He weaves together the harrowing plight of soldiers on land and sea, and pilots in the air for a complete sensory experience.


Watch Dunkirk on Vudu today!


It’s not all Hollywood theatrics. While some creative liberties are taken, the story focuses primarily on what it was like to be there that day and he remains pretty true to how it was. Add Dunkirk to your collection and watch instantly.


Back from the dead


Flatliners is available now on Vudu!


Is it ironic that a movie about coming back from being dead, is itself a movie that’s being resurrected from the dead? This reboot of the 1990 film of the same name is headlined by Ellen Page as the lead med student with a fascination with experiencing death. And they say you only live once. Pshh, what does science know? Apparently nothing, so “just relax and enjoy the experience” of Flatliners.


A tale of two ninjas


Watch like a warrior, a Wolf Warrior! Get it on Vudu today.


Ok, Wolf Warrior 2 isn’t a ninja, but this movie is a beast in every sense. It has a ton of martial arts action (think The Raid) and grossed $810 million in China during its first 5 weeks. So, you know you’re in for a howling good time. So gather the pack and get ready for action. And check out the first Wolf Warrior if you haven’t seen it.


Ninja, you better recognize...that The Lego Ninjago Movie is now on Vudu!


And apparently, kids love ninjas too. Go figure. That’s why we’ve got the wildly popular The Lego Ninjago Movie! It’s a little different than The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie since there’s already an established storyline from the cartoon series, but it’s still got all the fun and creative elements that Lego movies have been so good at delivering. So get your Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on and watch now.


Rentals maketh movie night


Get shaken and stirred with Kingsman: The Golden Circle, now for rent on Vudu


The long-anticipated sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle drops a shot of whiskey into your afternoon tea with the addition of the Statesman, the American cousin of the Kingsman. New friends, new enemies, new ways of killing the bad guys, and (spoiler alert) Elton John. No, really. Get in on the action and watch today.


Watch you gonna do when they come for you...and you aren't watching Detroit on Vudu?


You can also now rent Detroit, the latest film from Kathryn Bigelow that follows a police raid during the infamous 12th Street Riot in 1967. Starring John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), this drama is non-stop tension and intensity.


Go storm chasing with Depth Perception, available now on Vudu


If you’re hankering for a bit of sun or snow, we’ve got you covered with both Paradigm Lost, a beautiful surfing documentary resulting from a three-year search for the world’s best waves, and Depth Perception, which follows world-renowned boarder Travis Rice as he and his friends search for the best pow on Earth. Consider them an early gift.


Watch free action movies


If you like free action as much as we do, you’ll love our Classic Action Hero collection on Movies On Us.


Watch JCVD in action when you watch Universal Soldier for free on Movies On Us


Watch classics like Universal Soldier (I have to cool down now), The Alamo (fun fact, we remember it because we lost, not because we won), Bandits (they rob banks, but steal hearts), The Great Train Robbery (Sean Connery as Pierce, Edward Pierce), and many more – all for free on Movies On Us.