Watch Coco, Justice League, and Best Picture nominees

Plus, new rentals and free movies


A magical world, “magical” powers, and magical performances


We see dead people. But that’s because we’re watching Coco, now available on Vudu. Set on Dia de Muertos, this animated adventure brings the dead to life (bring out your dead) in a whole new way. A gloriously bright and colorful way that’s as visually inspiring as it is magical – especially in 4K + HDR (really, it’s amazing). Visit the magical world of the dead and watch today.



While none of the members of the Justice League can see the dead, they sure can send a lot of bad guys that way. Watch Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and (spoiler alert) Superman save mankind from an out of this world threat (who was Born To Be Wild). Available now on Vudu in up to 4K + HDR.



For you collectors out there, you can also get the Disc + Digital + Walmart exclusive gift set that includes a set of Justice League character pins with the Blu-ray + HDX for $27.96. Watch the digital copy immediately and get the Blu-ray later (ships on or around 4/4/18, fulfillment by Walmart).



And since we’re on the subject, kids (or the kid in you) can get in on the DC superhero action with LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash. Hurry up, he’s going fast.


Oscar contenders – Lady Bird and Three Billboards



It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, no it’s Lady Bird. A hero in her own right, Lady Bird (Saoirse Ronan aka Hanna) is battling with everything that stands in a high school teenager’s way – society, a strong-willed mother, self-doubt, and a ton of adults who seem to lack imagination and understanding. It’s a poignant and warm drama/comedy that will have you laughing at all the wrong places (hey, we’ve been there so we’re allowed to laugh at it) and remembering how wonderfully terrible that time in your life was.



Another Oscar favorite, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, is also available now on Vudu. This is an emotionally charged look at anger, grief, and ultimately, forgiveness. Fair warning, you have to be in the right mood to watch because it’s a helluva film and it is a bit heavy, but it truly is a profound and Oscar-worthy movie.


New rentals



Get Roman J. Esq on a 30-day retainer when you rent on Vudu. Every Vudu rental is good for up to 30 days because we know that life doesn’t always happen like we plan. Yup, that means you can get 30 days of Wonder too – also available to rent now. Once you start, get 24-72 hours to finish (title dependent). Renting has never been easier.


Free Bromances


Bromancing the stone. Pride and Brojudice. The Brobook. Brotanic. These are not real bromance movies – even though we kind of wish they were. But we do have some other bromance movies that are real and that you can watch for free. BECAUSE BROS DON’T CHARGE BROS, BRO.



Get your PLUR on (untz untz untz) for free with We Are Your Friends. Yeah, it’s got Zac Efron, but he’s a DJ, and he’s partying it up with his bros and Emily Ratajkowski (yeah, the model). So feel the beat, and the heat, for free, bro.



We’ve also got Flyboys because these boys fly and they look fly while doing it. Watch these WWI bros break hearts, boundaries, and the Germans in this high-flying freebie. Get historical action for free, bro.



Also, check out our bros from across the pond in the British comedy shows The Inbetweeners and Peep Show. Peep Show isn’t what you think – it’s about odd-couple style roommates, er, flatmates – but it’s British, so it is TV-MA. Same goes for The Inbetweeners, think the British equivalent of the American Pie gang (English pudding gang), but a TV series that’s also TV-MA. Bro out British style, govnah.


Check out our entire Bromance Collection here.



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