If you thought that cutting edge 4K UHD visual quality was only for the latest new releases, it’s time to think again. Vudu has updated reissues of some of your favorite movies, so you can enjoy them with hyper-realistic levels of clarity, color, and sound that surpass every previous home-viewing experience (for the full details on what makes 4K UHD so amazing, check out this post).

Purchasing the 4K UHD version gets you the HD and SD quality versions too, so you can watch on all your devices and be ready when the time comes to upgrade to a 4K device.

Check out some of the fan favorite titles available in full 4K UHD today:

He’s brave, he’s bold, and he’s coming at you like you’ve never seen him before. Beverly Hills Cop 1-3 are available (and on sale) in 4K UHD quality right now, exclusively on Vudu. Pick up the full series 4K UHD bundle for just $24.99.

Everyone’s favorite fuzzy (and then kind of scaly) troublemakers are on the loose and looking more menacing than ever in full 4K UHD. Snatch up the Gremlins for some good old-fashioned holiday high jinks.

Yippee ki-yay! Tis the season (technically) for shootouts, smart mouths, and all the action your 4K device can handle. Enjoy Die Hard the way it was meant to be seen: extreme.

This spooky sequel is looking scary good. Catch up with the boys in brown as they take on New York’s baddest ghosts, ghouls, and goblins in Ghostbusters 2 in 4K UHD.

What’s better than all-out vampire vs. werewolf warfare? All-out vampire vs. werewolf warfare in eye-popping 4K + UHD quality. You won’t believe your eyes when you take a trip back down to Underworld.

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