Watch Black Panther in 4K + HDR (even on Apple TV)

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Wakanda forever, in 4K + HDR

Wakanda lives forever when you watch Black Panther in up to 4K + HDR on Vudu


So, some movie called Black Panther is out now. We heard it was popular or something. At any rate, you can watch it now on Vudu, in up to 4K + HDR (Dolby Vision and HDR10).


Jk, we’ve been waiting for this movie longer than Thanos has been searching for Infinity Stones. And now that it’s here, and in 4K + HDR, we’re excited to experience all the lifelike color depth and richness that comes with it – no ingestion of heart-shaped herbs necessary.


And if you’ve got an Apple TV, Vudu is now the only place you can now watch in up to 4K + HDR. (Make sure you have the latest version of the Vudu Player for Apple TV.) Is this what it feels like to be king?


Bad blood, bad morals, and bad dudes

Watch the action-packed movie, Paradox, on Vudu today!


Get ready for a martial arts melee when you watch Paradox. If the action in Black Panther isn’t enough, then this action-packed movie will definitely kick it up a notch – think The Raid: Redemption meets Taken. Actually, why think about it at all? Just watch it.


Watch the dark comedy, The Party, on Vudu today!


We don’t know what kind of party The Party is, but when a movie opens with a gun to the face we’re pretty sure things are going to get pretty interesting. This dark comedy features an all-star cast (Patricia Clarkson, Emily Mortimer, Cillian Murphy, Kristin Scott Thomas, Timothy Spall, and more) and is as sharp as it is funny.


Watch the gripping foreign film, Graduation, on Vudu today!


And while it’s a little heavy, Graduation is worth the watch. Find out just how far a father will go to protect his daughter’s future when morality is tossed out the window like a cheap graduation hat.


New to rent

Hook up with Fifty Shades Freed on Vudu today!


Sometimes just a night will do. So, if you’re curious about Fifty Shades Freed, well, you’re about to get lucky. Don’t be nervous, just let go and try it with a rental in up to 4K + HDR.


Watch the animated DC movie, Batman Ninja, on Vudu today!


DC Animated Movie fans can also count themselves lucky because Batman Ninja is also new to rent. In this latest film, the bat is back…in time – all the way to medieval Japan.


And remember, when you rent on Vudu, you get 30 days to start and 24-72 hours to watch (title dependent). All without the worry of having to return anything.


Even more movies

The stirring true-life story, watch The 12th Man today on Vudu!


Based on a true-life story, The 12th Man is a WWII based thriller that follows the lone surviving member of a failed sabotage mission as he’s hunted by the Nazi’s. Watch this powerfully moving story about the will to survive against all odds.


Expel the bad when you watch The Cleanse on Vudu today!


Or clean up your act with The Cleanse. This surreal dramedy features a heartbroken Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory), who finds himself at a spiritual retreat expelling his negativity – literally.



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