Watch A Bad Moms Christmas, Only the Brave, and more

Plus, new rentals and Free epic showdowns

Rebels without a Clause


The bad moms are back, and they’re doing Christmas their way – by not doing it at all. That is until THEIR moms show up. Does the coal fall far from the stocking? Watch this hilarious sequel to find out. Sure, A Bad Moms Christmas is a little like a new cover of a classic Christmas song – it’s a different take and you still know the lyrics, but you’ll still be laughing all the way (ho ho ho). Who cares if it’s January?


Coming in hot(shots)



When a giant wall of fire rushes toward you, most people run. Unless of course, you’re a Granite Mountain Hotshot. (Is it getting hot in here?) Only the Brave is a mesmerizing film that takes you as deep into the mindset of this elite wildfire-fighting team, and what it takes to be a hero. For an even bigger thrill, watch it in 4K + HDR.


Holy Victorian era caped crusaders


Batman vs. Superman? How uncouth. Batman vs. Jack the Ripper? Jolly good. Batman: Gotham by Gaslight features your favorite caped crusader taking on one of history’s most notorious serial-killers in an R-rated doozy.


Now available for rent


Us: We can control the weather. The weather: Hail no. You can’t control me. Rent Geostorm and watch the havoc as Gerard Butler tries to reign in his weather controlling space station. Sound crazy? Who cares? Rent it for less than the price of a matinee.



You can also rent Jigsaw, the latest installment of the Saw series. You know, the movies that took Rube Goldberg machines to a really, really messed up level.


Or walk a mile in the boots of veterans and get a peek into the struggles and challenges they face when returning home for war in Thank You for Your Service.


Watch free epic showdowns

Get some epic face-offs and battles for free with our Epic Showdowns Collection on Movies On Us.



Watch Ah-nold take on a cartel boss’ gang of hired mercs as they try to roll through his town in The Last Stand. With try being the operative word. Come on, even at 70, we wouldn’t mess with him.


Or watch The Rock channel his inner Arnold (a la The Last Stand) and become the Sheriff of his hometown in Walking Tall.


You can even cool down (with or without the ice bath) with JCVD in Universal Soldier, or get poetic with the animated fantasy flick Beowulf, which is based off the Old English epic poem of the same name. Read 3,182 alliterative lines, or watch an animated Angelina Jolie – you decide.