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Sing is now available on Vudu. Watch it today!

Enjoy family movie night for a song, with Sing.


Watch Sing before it’s available on Blu-ray and DVD, and enjoy a heart-warming story that’s perfectly koala-fied for family movie night. Whether you’re entertaining a duet, quartet, or an entire choir like Rosita, you can own Sing for less than the price of two movie tickets.


So get ready to bring harmony to family movie night, relax in your PJs, munch on your favorite snacks, pause for bathroom breaks – and most importantly, bust out into song whenever you feel like it.


If you haven’t already, head over to Vudu to book the act. We’ve got Sing in up to 4K UHD for you resolution aficionados. You know, so you can see Gunter in all his sparkling leotard glory.


Then get ready to bust out the remote control microphones, finger drums, and air guitars and sing along while you watch. Why? Because why not? You’re at home, kick your shoes off and have fun! Sing includes some great songs that we all know and love, so why not rock out with your socks out?


And don’t forget to go back for an encore performance on your mobile device with Extras+. Perfect for a road trip or just because, Extras+ is a unique and entirely new movie experience.


Our exclusive Extras+ features include an interactive character carousel that lets you dive deeper into your favorite characters and the actors behind them. You’ll also get three bonus mini-movies and a ton of other animated artwork and featurettes – including dance lessons to “Faith”!


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