VUDU Rocks!

I would like to thank Shorn for that great introduction. This is my first blog post for VUDU so bear with me if I get off track.

Why do I think VUDU is the best video on demand device on the market? Well VUDU is the first to allow the purchase of High Definition content. Today VUDU announced that their partnerships with FirstLook Studios, Kino, and Magnolia Pictures that allows anyone that own a VUDU to purchase some of the great HD movies. Take a look at the announcement here at Engadget.

Even better is that this also means that the titles can be available to rent or purchase the same day they are released which has been a sore point with many that have adopted the video on demand with the VUDU.

I know that most folks say well that is just independent studios but you know they have some great titles in their library. I really enjoyed King of California and now I can purchase this title in HD.

Well I really didn’t get to my list of other reasons why VUDU Rocks! in this blog entry but I will continue it in a future post.

Go do that VUDU that you do so well!