Vudu just got even more anime-zing

Watch popular anime series Death Note, Deltora Quest, Naruto, Ranma ½, and Vampire Knight for free with Movies On Us!


If you’re a fan of anime, your day just got five times better because Vudu now has five fan-favorite anime series available to watch for FREE on Movies On Us. That’s right. Anime. Five series (with more to come). Free. Dattebayo! (Hi, Naruto fans!)


Viz Media has partnered with Vudu to bring you hundreds of episodes of Death Note, Naruto, Ranma ½, Tiger & Bunny, and Vampire Knight. Episodes are offered in both Japanese with English subtitles, and an English dubbed option. Cinedigm has also partnered with us to bring Deltora Quest: Volume 1 to Vudu, which is available in an English-dubbed version.


So if you already like Movies On Us now, you’ll love the even broader range of free content that you can watch anytime, anywhere, and on all your favorite devices. Because the only thing better than free is more free.


It’s not a cartoon. It’s anime.



If you’re not familiar with Japanese anime, this wildly popular genre is known for having more complex and engaging storylines and characters than series aimed at children. And unlike cartoons, anime isn’t always geared toward kids. For example, Deltora Quest is appropriate for younger audiences with a TV-Y7 rating, while titles like Death Note, Naruto, and Vampire Knight are TV-14, and Ranma ½ is TV-MA.


Anime can also be quite…animated. Get ready for themes that revolve around – and often mash up – sci-fi, fantasy, martial arts, and the occult and supernatural. But we suppose that if three singing chipmunks with chart-topping albums can be popular, then a school that teaches humans by day and vampires by night shouldn’t be too unbelievable (Vampire Knight).


Anime is drawn to Vudu



So congratulations, you’ve got a new destination for watching your favorite name-dropping death dealer (Death Note), magical-gem seeking adventurer (Deltora Quest), ninja-in-training (Naruto), and cold-water fearing martial artist (Ranma ½) – and rest assured that we’ve got more on the way.


Right now you can watch Death Note and Naruto Season 1, Ranma ½ Season 1-3, Vampire Knight Season 1-2, and Deltora Quest Volume 1-2.


And we’re excited to say that more Ranma ½ will be coming throughout July, with more Naruto and the first episodes of Tiger & Bunny coming after that – so we’re just Saiyan (eh, eh, anime puns) check back often!


Learn more about Viz Media and the fascinating anime genre, fans, and culture, here.