Vudu Fans Got Talent

Dawg, we picked two winners, dawg


We asked. You showed us. It wasn’t weird. Why would it be weird? But in the end, there could be only two…winners.


There are a lot of wonderfully talented Vudu Fans out there, but in the end, we could only (randomly) choose two. That doesn’t mean the rest of you aren’t amazingly talented, it just means we only had two prize packs to give.


In case you were wondering, our two lucky winners are:


Phil R.

Rachel J.


Congratulations guys, we’ll be reaching out to you separately to send you the prizes.















And if you aren’t Phil or Rachel, and you didn’t win, no worries. The show will go on and we’ll have other contests in the future. And luckily for you, you now know where to find them….