VUDU Collections

It’s no secret that VUDU has the largest video on demand library and the easiest interface to find movies. But what if you just aren’t in the mood to search though over 14,000 titles in the library?

Well the folks at VUDU created “Collections” of movies that have some kind of common themes. There have been collections based on holidays, movie awards, etc. This week I found a Jim Carry collection that includes a lot of his works including the most recent “Yes Man.”

There are also collections from VUDU employees like “Shorn’s Secret Stash”. This week he has spiders as his topic.

I find collections to be a fun way of exploring movies on the VUDU and have found some real gems going though them on a regular basis. I was wondering what would a collection look like for April 15, tax day? Hmmm…

Anyone else have ideas for a VUDU movie collection. Just let us know!