Unite with Avengers: Infinity War and other Avengers fans at our #VuduViewingParty



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This week’s new releases are kicking things up a notch with high-stakes, high tension, and high-octane thrills.



They’ve avenged the afflicted, guarded the galaxy, and protected the legacy of Wakanda. Now Marvel’s best and bravest must unite to save the universe in Avengers: Infinity War.


And this Friday, you can unite with us and a few thousand fellow fans at our #VuduViewingParty! The directors of the movie, The Russo Brothers, will be on hand for the ultimate team-up. Join us for fun, facts, trivia, and prizes! Learn more and RSVP here.



Every road trip has its bumps, and a trek for survival across a post-apocalyptic gang territory is no exception. Hopefully, The Domestics went to the bathroom before they left because pulling over for a pit stop is definitely not an option.



This priest is no Exorcist, but if he can’t handle his personal demons then there’s going to be hell to pay. Keeping the faith is no picnic at First Reformed.



A private getaway to your mysterious ancestors’ dark and gloomy castle? What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, absolutely everything, and then some. Beware The Incantation.





One man stood for justice, one never received it. As Los Angeles breaks under the weight of racial tension, two neighbors must connect to survive in the shadow of Kings.



After losing their star player in a tragic accident, one high school volleyball team rallied around her memory with truly miraculous results. The Miracle Season is a moving memorial the whole family can enjoy.



There’s plenty of fish in the sea, including one amnesiac playboy just asking to be conned. Anna Faris’s Kate just might have found the perfect husband—as long as her plan of revenge doesn’t go Overboard.



For a struggling mother of three on the brink of exhaustion, Tully the night nanny seems like a gift from up above. But could there be more to her than meets the eye?





Airbnb, VBRO, HomeAway, inviting yourself over to stay at someone’s house has never been easier. But when is a great deal for a great place anything but?  All it takes is one devious landlord with evil intentions, a massive online following, and 14 Cameras, and you’ll think twice about where you stay.



A twisty spy thriller set after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Damascus Cover examines religious conflict, national allegiance, and the process of grieving. Plus shootouts and car chases (It’s a spy movie after all).


For more super fresh, still-in-theaters-scares check out the snowy spookiness of Dead Night, the ghostly family drama of Our House, and Randy Couture desperately trying to solve a series of Sorority murders in The Row.





The mission may be impossible, but watching it isn’t. When a job gone wrong puts weapons-grade plutonium in the hands of a deadly terror cell, Ethan Hunt will have to redeem his name or die trying in Mission: Impossible—Fallout.



When did superhero movies get so serious? Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is bringing fun back with gags, goofs, and meta digs that will have heroes of all ages laughing their capes off.