Transformers: The Last Knight – Rolling out today online and on Digital Movie Card in Walmart stores

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Transformers: The Last Knight is now available on Vudu. That’s right, it’s time for more Autobots, more Decepticons, and now, one more way to buy Transformers: The Last Knight – on the new Digital Movie Card.


Available exclusively at Walmart stores, you can buy the Transformers: The Last Knight Digital Movie Card and get a copy of the original Transformers included! That’s two movies for $19.96, only at Walmart. Of course, you can always get your movies & TV on or via our apps, we’re just giving you one more way to add to your digital collection.


What is a Digital Movie Card? Think of it as a digital movie in disguise. (See what we did there?) Similar to a video game card, a Digital Movie Card lets you purchase a digital movie while you’re shopping in store. (Say, maybe for movie night snacks…) Simply take the card to the register, purchase it, and you’ll get a redemption code on the receipt that you can use to redeem the movie on Vudu. Just make sure you hang on tight to that receipt, it’s the only place you’ll get the code – and you only get one.



This latest installment of the Transformers franchise gives us an evil Optimus, a whole new look at a human history that includes Transformers since the dawn of time, and a whole bunch of other things we don’t even have time to get into. Except for the fact it’ll all come with the Michael Bay signature explosion-topia of effects. So suffice it to say, we’re excited!