Cold weather means lots of movie nights indoors, and Vudu is the best place to rent movies this winter thanks to features like our risk-free Rental Redo that gets you a free rental if you don’t like your first choice within 30 minutes and our Low Price Promise price matching (get the full details on these awesome features here).

But that’s not all! Our $3.99 HDX Rental sale happening right now is filled with top titles that you can rent in up to HDX quality for just $3.99! Check out some of the new and classic offerings in all your favorite genres below.


This intrepid space crew wanted to discover the key to humanity’s origins, but what they actually find may just spell our species’ doom.

Packed with twists, scares, and old-school sci-fi atmosphere updated with the latest cinematic technology, Prometheus is a wild ride to the edge of human understanding.

We’ve all seen what happens in your standard zombie apocalypse movie: the shambling corpses, the mutated wounds, the requests for “Braaiiiiiins…”, but have you ever wondered what would really happen?

World War Z is the thinking person’s answer to the zombie movie craze, with a scientific approach that’s will still have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


When the owners are away, the pets will play – and maybe even save the day!

The Secret Life of Pets 2 is a sequel as fun, funny, and star-studded as the hit original, with jokes and heart that will resonate with any pet-lover.

Sometimes adult problems require kid solutions, and sometimes those solutions involve booby traps, criminal hideouts, and pirate treasure.

The Goonies is an all-time cinematic classic that stands the test of time with its laughs, thrills, and core message of friendship.


As we entered a whole new decade this week, we asked Vudu fans to tell us their favorite movies of 2019 on our Facebook page and they did not disappoint. Check out some of their picks available to rent now in the $3.99 HDX Rental sale.

No movie defined 2019 quite like the epic, all-consuming climactic battle between the forces of Marvel Cinematic Universe good and evil.

Whether you’re a comic book fan, movie fan, or just a fan or eye-popping, high-flying entertainment, Avengers: Endgame is the can’t-miss movie event of the decade.

Two nerdy friends, one night of unrepressed teenage revelry, no way this is a good idea.

Booksmart is the charming, heartfelt, hilarious, and shameless coming-of-age story everyone’s talking about (and you need to see).