In-between the lines of our favorite big-budget blockbusters and sprawling franchises are some truly unique hidden gems. These recent independent films are off the beaten path but not to be missed.

Set against the backdrop of a cataclysmic earthquake threatening to level an entire city, this Norwegian export is as much about the bonds we build as it is about the crumbling stone. The Quake is the best kind of unmitigated disaster.

Not all that glitters is gold; some is alien gems worth a small fortune but hidden away on a remote and poisonous moon. For a teenaged girl and her father there’s only one Prospect: go big or never go home.

Sometimes the loneliest place to be is a room full of people. For Tyrel (it’s actually Tyler), being the only black friend can be isolating, traumatic, and, on a weekend getaway in the remote wilderness… deadly?

On the road to Olympic gold it’s no guts, no glory. But how much guts, blood, sweat, and tears, can one athlete surrender, and when is enough enough? This gymnast, and this documentary, are going Over the Limit.

Icon. Genius. Prisoner. Pauper. Oscar Wilde quite literally wore many hats, none so well broken-in as that of a storyteller, a role brought vividly to life in actor-director Rupert Everett’s The Happy Prince.

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