Whether you’re looking for animated adventure, off-the-wall comedy, or all-out thrills, this week’s bountiful bargains have you covered.

Do you feel your value sense tingling? That’s because you can snag Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in 4K + UHD quality for just $9.99.

Ever wonder What Men Want? This hilarious comedy in HDX quality for only $9.99 is a good start.

Stunning archival WWI footage, astounding modern restoration techniques, and one amazing deal collide with They Shall Not Grow Old for $9.99.

Take a journey through boyhood like you’ve never seen on screen with We the Animals for $5.99.

The savings are as big as the monkey (almost). Go bananas with Rampage for $9.99.

Forget about a boat; we’re going to need a bigger ocean. Take a bite out of The Meg for $9.99.

Sting like a bee, save like a hero. See what all the buzz is about with Bumblebee for $9.99

Your mission is simple: get maximum thrills, stunts, and action without breaking your budget. Sounds like a job for Mission: Impossible – Fallout for $9.99.

You know the legend, but he’s got a few new tricks up his sleeve. Robin Hood is a steal for $9.99.

Don’t call it a comeback. Mary Poppins Returns to bring a spoonful of family fun for only $14.99

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