Want to watch more of the hottest movies without emptying your wallet? With sweet deals like these, you’re in the right place at the right time.

It’s a grand finale event without the budget-shattering price of admission. Break into Glass in 4K + UHD quality for only $14.99.

It’s not a trap – just a bargain that’s almost too good to be true. Escape Room for just $9.99 can’t be beat.

We’ve sniffed out a particularly fetching offer: A Dog’s Way Home for only $9.99. Talk about saving some bones.

Evil is going to pay a hefty price, but you won’t. You can get Justice League vs. the Fatal Five for just $9.99.

A high-intensity hero deserves a high-intensity discount: MFKZ in HDX quality for only $9.99.

Uproariously funny, heartbreakingly raw, and a bargain to boot. We’re all about All About Nina for $5.99.

The Field Guide to Evil has all you need to know about ghosts, goblins, and ghouls from around the world – all for the scary good price of $9.99.

More Wick, fewer problems. Get your action on with John Wick for $7.99, John Wick 2 for $7.99, or double down with the Double Feature Bundle for just $9.99.

No need to forfeit all your coins – you can log on and level up with Ready Player One for just $9.99.

8 magical movies. 10 years of spellbinding sorcery. One bewitching price for the whole Harry Potter 8-Film Collection in 4K + UHD quality: $62.99.

There’s more binge-worthy bargains where those came from in our full Deals of the Week collection here.