This week: Unforgettable and The Circle, new rentals, Dunkirk pre-order, and free TV and anime



Technology. We rely on it. In fact, you’re using it now. So what happens when the technology we’ve glued our eyes to, looks back? Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, and John Boyega (why’s he not at his post, he’s just like TK-421) give you a look at how much we pay when we let technology take over our lives, in The Circle.


It’s good to be Unforgettable. Unless you’re Rosario Dawson. Then you wish Katherine Heigl would just forget you existed in this catty psychological thriller that pits ex-wife against new wife. (Have we seen this storyline before? We forget.) Catch the drama, but don’t catch feelings, and watch tonight.


Free TV and Anime, yeah, seriously


Ah, the good old days of free TV. Well, guess what? We’re bringing free TV back! (Yes, we say it like JT says it.)



Now on Movies On Us you can watch the select first seasons for FREE. We just added Andromeda (we’re bringing Kevin Sorbo back too), Shameless (the original British version, mate), Umbre (a cabbie moonlighting as a mob collection man), and The Inbetweeners (high school like on the other side of the pond isn’t much different).



And in case you missed it, Viz Media has partnered with Vudu to bring you a ton of anime for free. (If you’re not sure how anime differs from cartoons, you can learn more from our previous blog post.) So get ready to watch favorites like Death Note, Deltora Quest, Ranma ½, Naruto, and Vampire Knight – with new episodes added weekly, and more series on the way!


You can also read up on what’s going down with anime on the Viz blog.


Now for Rent: Kong: Skull Island and Free Fire


So maybe you saw War for the Planet of the Apes this weekend (available for pre-order now on Vudu). And maybe you’re amped for more monkeys and guns. Well, we got you covered with these rentals.



You want more monkeys? Well, we got the ultimate one, and you can rent him in Kong: Skull Island, today. A group of scientists flies out to an uncharted island in search of beasts – and boy do they find them. Beast vs. man, man vs. beast, or beast vs. beast, whatever it is, it’s on like Donkey Kong.



And if you’re looking for more guns, well, then say hello to my little friend, Free Fire. It’s pretty much a non-stop, 91-minute shootout (well, like 62 if you’re going to hold us to it). The bullets fly in this amazingly choreographed no-holds-barred shootout. Rent all the action tonight. We dare you to count how many rounds were fired.


Pre-order Silicon Valley S4 and Dunkirk



Get ready for Season 4 of the wildly popular and hilarious series Silicon Valley, now available for pre-order on Vudu (Bachmanity is back, baby). That’s right. It’s an IPO for your eyeballs, and you can get in on the ground floor starting today.


And this Friday, Christopher Nolan’s WW2 epic about the famous evacuation of over 400,000 British and Allied forces from the French coastal town of Dunkirk hits theaters. And as soon as it does, you can pre-order it on Vudu. (Gah, we Dun-can’t wait for this one.)