The Top X-Men Movies You Need to See

Marvel has been all the buzz this summer. And with the latest release of the highly anticipated New Mutants movie (you can check out the trailer here), we’re looking back at the best X men films that have lead up to the final installment of the series.


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Logan is one of the highest rated X Men films, and with good reason. Hugh Jackman’s performance as Logan is unmatched and James Mangold’s directing helps tell an unique superhero story that stands out among the rest. The film centers on Logan as he cares for Professor X in a hideout on the Mexican border. But when a young mutant arrives, everything changes for Logan and he’s forced to come out of hiding to get her to safety – no matter the cost.

X:Men Days of Future Past

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Go on a fast-paced ride in X:Men Days of Future Past. The movie centers on the characters from the original X-Men trilogy as they join forces with their younger selves to save the future for both humans and mutants. Critics rave about the film’s ability to combine casts of two eras to make a fantastic, action-packed installment in the series that’s a blast for everyone.

The Wolverine

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Go on an exciting adventure to Japan in The Wolverine. In this flick, Logan sets out to meet an old friend, but ends up getting involved in a twisting yakuza and mutant conspiracy he never expected. Watch as he faces his ultimate enemy in an epic battle like none other.


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Is he a hero, an anti-hero, or somewhere in between? It’s up to you to decide. Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are the perfect superhero films for both superhero lovers and non-superhero movie fans. Ryan Reynolds takes on the role of Wade as Deadpool with full force and even more foul-mouthed humor. Both films offer serious action with plenty of laugh-out-loud jokes, making them unique standouts among the films in our list.

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