The LEGO Batman Movie is here! Na na na na na na na na….




What are you?! I’m The LEGO Batman Movie Disc + Digital Gift Set!


That’s right citizens of Gotham, Batman has answered the bat signal and is available now on Vudu in a Disc + Digital gift set.


While supplies last, you can get this bat-tastic Walmart exclusive The LEGO Batman Movie Disc + Digital gift set that includes a digital copy of the movie you can watch instantly (Wait literally? Computer, is this true? Oh it is? Sweet.), a Blu-ray and DVD set, AND a freaking Batman lunch box with removable cape (wait, why would you remove the cape?) – all for just $29.96 with FREE SHIPPING! (Oh snap. Alfred! Order this now on Vudu! Alfred!)



It’s a deal so good it’s almost criminal. (But not actually criminal, because Batman supports you getting it.)


Walmart will ship the Blu-ray set on 6/13. We know, we know. We can’t wait either. But you’ll have the digital copy to watch now. And because The LEGO Batman Movie is chock full of nods and references to earlier films and the filmographies of the cast, here’s a few of our favorites to help with the wait:


  • Batman’s line in the beginning action scene, “You want to get nuts? Let’s get nuts!” references the 1989 Batman movie where Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne says this line to the Joker.


  • Billy Dee Williams voices Two-Face in this movie. Williams previously portrayed Harvey Dent, in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989).


  • In a teaser trailer, Alfred’s reference to Batman going through “similar phases” in 2016, 2012, 2008, 2005, 1997, 1995, 1992, 1989, and a “weird one” in 1966, is a reference to every year in which a major Batman film was released.


  • Robin states that he knows “gymkata” which isn’t a real style of martial arts, but the name of a movie that starred Olympic gymnast Kurt Thomas from 1985. (We totally remember watching this.)


  • If the Gotham set were actually built out of real bricks, it would take up six and a half football fields. The Batcave would measure half a mile.


  • The Lego Group insisted that the movie remain realistic – meaning everything built in the film had to look as it would if built by real LEGOs, and Minifigures movements – and even facial expressions – had to be rendered the LEGO way.