The Fate of the Furious gets tuned with Extras+, and get special Mix & Match savings bigger than a Hemi

Forget stock – Get a souped-up experience with Extras+ on your mobile device


Put the pedal to the metal and get a serious horsepower boost with Extras+ when you watch The Fate of the Furious on Vudu today!


Exclusive to Vudu, Extras+ is an exciting and fully-immersive, in-movie experience that brings you more details about your movie, as you’re watching the movie. It’s like Inception for your movie (braaaammm), and it brings you a more complete viewing experience than ever before. So get ready to shift into high gear, becuase it’s available on both the Theatrical version and the Extended Director’s Cut.



Watching with Extras+ is as simple as using paddle shifters – launch it with the Extras Plus button (Extras on iOS) and then go from full-screen movie mode (device in landscape/horizontal) to Extras+ mode (device in portrait/vertical) with a flick of the wrist. Shift back and forth instantly without hitting the brakes on the action.


Live life an Extras+ feature at a time



With Extras+ and The Fate of the Furious All Access Interactive Experience, you can virtually visit actual scene locations with Google Maps Places, learn more about the historical significance of shooting in Cuba, watch deleted scenes (what happens on set, doesn’t stay on set…), and much, much more.



You’ll even get a complete look across the entire franchise with the Timeline Tuner – an interactive movie carousel filled with videos, clips, and galleries from all eight Fast and Furious films.


Raindrops, drop tops, even more rides on top (of it all)



But we ain’t even done yet. We can’t really call it Extras+ if we don’t offer extra cars (get another one, and another one…). So, geek out with the Car Garage Carousel and get specs, commentary, pics, and video of all your favorite whips.


Take a peek under the hood at even more extras:



Iceland Stunt Diaries – Learn what it’s like shooting in the ice with the most technologically advanced cars ever – get commentary, storyboards, and more!


Betraying the Family – A deeper look at Charlize Theron’s character, “Cipher,” and her collaboration with the creative team to create this character.


The Hero Cars of Fast – A look at all the unique featured cars like the Ice Charger and Roman’s Lambo.


The Streets of New York – Find out how they filmed all the amazing action in NYC.


+ Much more! (That’s more aftermarket bolt-ons than a SEMA show.)


You can’t mix and match Fuel, but you can Mix & Match movies



Rev your engines, for a limited time you can get more Fast and more Furious with Mix & Match. Get furious savings when you purchase two titles from a selection of Furious franchise and actor filmography titles for just $14.99. That’s right – own the pinks to two movies for just $14.99. Hey, winning’s winning.


We don’t have friends, we have family



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