The Domestics. Anything But Domesticated.

in Theaters And Available Now On Vudu 


Go from Tupperware parties to terrifying raiding parties in The Domestics, available now on Vudu

Kate Bosworth (Straw Dogs, Blue Crush) and Tyler Hoechlin (MTV’s Teen Wolf, Supergirl) star alongside Lance Reddick (John Wick) in The Domestics, now available on Vudu.




In this post-apocalyptic thriller, a dystopian world emerges after our government turns on us. And then society turns on itself.


The result? Americans divide into tribal factions: Gamblers, Sheets, Plowboys, Cherries, Nailers – whose names happen to reflect their violent M.O’s (foreshadowing, anyone?) – and Domestics, those who try to live as blissfully as they did before society crumbled. #ignoranceisbliss



So of course, we find our intrepid pair of Domestics embarking on the worst road-trip ever through each tribe’s “terror-tories.” That’s when things get interesting.


Think Mad Max meets The Walking Dead (sans zombies) meets The Crazies, but you know, with a bit of a love story (in case it’s date night).


So, get ready to watch how far these Domestics are willing to go to survive, while you take comfort in the fact that you don’t have to go anywhere for movie night. Except maybe to the fridge for snacks.


Watch The Domestics, now available to buy or rent.