The Best Two Dollars You Can Spend This Week

Great news, VUDU now is offering thousands of great movie titles for just $2. But Wait! There’s More! These rentals are available for 48 whole hours! See more titles here!

So stock up on popcorn & cuddle up on the couch two-nights in a row for a VIP viewing.

To start looking for your next favorite movie, go to “VUDU Home” and choose “Movies on Sale”. With thousands of movies available to rent, we’re sure you’ll find something worth watching.

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  • cMason

    October 18, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    Vudu needs to market the difference between 780hd and 1080hd… have been reading other forums and people don’t understand the difference! Spend a little money on PR and marketing! I think Vudu has a real opportunity here with $2 rentals for 48 hours. Look at it from this angle… movies for under $.10!! Do the math, $2 for 48 hours with the average movie at 2 hours… that’s $.082 to see a movie!! Here is another one, “Have you had your movie marathon? What any movie 24 times for only $2!!!” Again the math, 2 hour movies, 48 hours… 24 opportunities to watch it. Vudu Marketing Director needs to get on the ball! This is just 2 minutes of thoughts, imagine a days session…