Survive a Rough Night and get free horror in honor of IT

Girls just wanna have fun

Girls night. Woo-hoo. Bachelorette party. WOO-HOO! Drinks, some debauchery, and maybe at worst a rough morning – what could go wrong? Famous. Last. Words.  When a wild bachelorette party takes a turn for the worse (think Hangover meets Very Bad Things, but funnier and not as very bad), these friends take their lemons and make a demented and dark, but funny, lemonade.


Rough Night is available for rent now. And if you decide you like the lemonade and want to add it to your collection, you’ll get the chance to buy it for a discounted price. What? Yup.


This shark is his own feeding frenzy

Forget needing a bigger boat, you need a bigger shark (and maybe a bigger TV to watch it on). Well, it’s your lucky day. Because apparently someone else also thought two- and three-headed sharks weren’t enough. And they decided to go straight for the flesh (and the flush) with 5-Headed Shark Attack. (What happened to 4-headed shark? Probably eaten by 5-headed shark.)


It’s campy, it’s CGI, and the acting is to be expected. But hey, it’s a freaking five headed shark. You know you’re curious. And you know that you’ll probably regret NOT watching this more than you’d regret ACTUALLY watching this. How will you live not satisfying your curiosity? Come on – dive right in, the water’s fine.


It is coming. Get ready with free horror


We’re pretty sure IT is gonna be scary. Like seriously scary. So why not build up your scare tolerance with some free frights, scares, and terror?

Check out Final Draft, a tale of just how crazy writers block can drive some people; the legendary Leatherface as he rears his, um, face in Texas Chainsaw, the 2013 adaptation of the rip-roaring Sawyer family; and Bear, a creature feature you’ll want to get your paws on if you like unbearable suspense and close quarters.


And in case you’re still emotionally stable after all of that, we’ve also got 28 more titles in our The Stuff of Nightmares collection that you can watch free with Movies On Us.


Watch at home while it’s still in theaters

Banderas is back! (Well starting tomorrow.) And this time he’s gone from gun slinging mariachi to a serious Glock and roller in the action comedy Gun Shy. He’s a rich rock star whose girlfriend is kidnapped, and he’s getting her back no matter what. Because love, and stuff.


Or check out The Limehouse Golem, which sounds like a creature feature, but it’s actually a crime drama (no golems were harmed in the making of this movie) set in Victorian London, also available for rent tomorrow. It’s blood in the streets, on the walls, and written into cryptic messages (jolly old England indeed) – and it can be in your home even though it’s still in theaters.