Spring Break And Spring Cleaning

Well it’s going to be a busy week at our house. Spring break is now here and we have no plans for travel so everyone is in spring cleaning mode. So how do I make this mandate for cleaning up the home and yard apply to the VUDU?

Well to start off I have over 150 movies on my VUDU’s wish list and it would be good to “clean” some of them out by watching a few each day. That would definitely take some time. I just don’t know how I am going to explain that one to the wife.

Also there are all those pictures and videos we took between the start of the school year to last weekends trip to Notre Dame University that needs to edited, put into albums, etc. Ah an real out for physical labor. I can use the excuse of sorting the pictures to be put into Picassa or Flickr. Our videos can be edited and put up in to YouTube so our relatives can view them via the internet.

These are defiantly some good time consuming tasks and I can tell the family that they can now see the pictures and videos on the VUDU in the VUDU Labs. Yes spring cleaning was never so much fun. Darn I wont have time to clean up the basement or the garden!