Want to hear something really scary? A lot of our favorite Halloween movies are old enough to be celebrating their 25th and even 30th anniversaries this year! Aah! Luckily these creepy crawly classics never go out of style, and celebrating their big milestones is a great excuse to revisit the frightening fun.



Terrifying townsfolk assembling sinister stocking stuffers. Eight tiny skeletons pulling a festive coffin across the sky. A boogying beanbag stuffed with evil bugs.


The sights and sounds of The Nightmare Before Christmas have captured our imaginations for 25 Halloweens (and Christmases) and the spookiest season isn’t complete without a holiday visit to Jack Skellington, Sally, and company.



From the fabulously freaky fashion to the wickedly weird musical number, Hocus Pocus put a spell on an entire generation of Halloween-loving 90s kids.


As the Sanderson sisters rise a 25th time to wreak havoc (and shock rock covers) in the cursed town of Salem, we too can experience a mystical blast from the past by watching this cult classic Disney adventure  as we approach Hallows Eve.



30 years. 7 films. Countless red-headed Good Guy dolls. No matter how many times he’s electrocuted, tossed off a building, or hacked to pieces, Chucky the murderous moppet comes crawling back to terrorize a new generation of doll-fearing horror fans.


If it’s been years since you’ve experienced the original unboxing, you can watch Child’s Play for free on Vudu and remind yourself that true terror comes in small packages.