Spies in Disguise is Flying Your Way

His name is Sterling. Lance Sterling. And he’s here to shake up your weekend in Spies in Disguise.

man boy pigeon

Will Smith and Tom Holland play exact opposite characters in this fun animated comedy. Smith’s character, Lance, is a cool, smooth superstar spy. He’s the creme de la creme and talk of the town. Everyone loves him and wants to be him. Holland on the other hand plays Walter, a shy, super awkward brainy kid. He couldn’t be further away from suave if he tried. See how Walter’s personality really shows through in the fine details of the animation in this exclusive clip:

Walter uses his smarts to invent never-before-seen weapons and gadgets. And like any classic spy movie, cool futuristic gadgets are a big part of the fun. Check out this exclusive clip that goes behind the scenes on the gadgets in the film:

Lance is forced to work closely with Walter, whether he likes it or not. And in the story’s most pivotal moment, the world’s greatest spy is accidentally turned into a tiny, less-than-useful pigeon. But will he and Walter be able to work together to overcome Lance’s bird limitations and defeat the most evil villain of all?

pigeon on tuxedo suit

See how these two very different characters overcome their many differences to come together and save the world.

men in black tuxedos stand on a stafe

Get together with the whole family and check out Spies in Disguise today!