Smallfoot Inspires Big Lessons for the Whole Family

Group of animated yetis and human standing in snow

Finding a well-rounded kids movie isn’t always easy. Cute animation doesn’t necessarily correlate with a thought-provoking message, which can leave some parents wanting more to keep their kids engaged. That’s where Smallfoot comes in. The film comes with a well-thought-out story and characters who learn and grow through their experiences. Add some great animation and catchy songs on top, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a perfect Family Movie Night.

animated yeti waing at man in red coat

Smallfoot tells the story of a yeti named Migo who lives at the top of a big mountain in the Himalayas. He and the other yetis in the village have grown comfortable living life as they know it by telling mythical stories to explain everything around them. But when one day Migo witnesses a human being for the first time, his whole world gets flipped upside down. He goes on a journey to find out the truth about his surroundings and what lies beyond them. And he may even discover himself in the process too.  

A Star-studded Cast and Great Music to Boot

There’s tons of great creative talent involved in the making of Smallfoot. If you loved Over the Hedge, Chicken Run and James and the Giant Peach, you’ll be happy to know the mind behind those favorites, Karey Kirkpatrick, also wrote and directed Smallfoot. The voice actors in the production are some big names that might surprise you too. Channing Tatum does the voice of the main character, Migo, and his father’s played by the hilarious Danny DeVito. Other stars include James Corden and even LeBron James. There’s impressive musical talent here as well, including Zendaya and Common, who take part in some of the catchy tunes in the production too. The music in the movie is just the icing on the cake, with plenty of positive messages in the lyrics to boot. And that thoughtfulness ties the whole movie together with some important lessons for the characters.

big group of animated yetis and humans standing together

Inspire Curiosity and Bravery

Smallfoot has some surprisingly thought-provoking messages for a kids’ movie. The film shines in its ability to show the importance of being curious about the world and looking beyond the surface to find meaning. At the heart of that curiosity is the encouragement to ask questions, and not being afraid to do so. This helps the characters learn to look beyond what they have always known and accept all-new ideas to expand their world view.

two animated yetis and a human smiling

Of course, such change is never easy and the story doesn’t shy away from that. A big part of Migo’s character development is the way he grows after seeing things from a different point of view. He makes mistakes on his journey and isn’t afraid to apologize when he realizes he’s wrong. He discovers the importance of standing up for what you believe in, no matter how difficult, and no matter how many are against you. Ultimately, by gaining a different perspective, Migo also gains courage and self-confidence. This makes him a great model and gives the positive messages in the film even more impact. And that’s something we can all get on board with.

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