Share Your Classic Favorites With the Next Generation

There’s never been a better time to re-visit your favorite classics and share them with your loved ones. Whether it’s going through the crazy-awkward-hilarious high school experience again, or making monster-sized pancakes in the kitchen – we’ve got lots of classics for you to discover with the family all over again, no matter what your mood. And if you want to skip or mute certain scenes, you can use Family Play‘s awesome features* – so you can watch worry-free and everyone can enjoy the show.

Class Is In Session

Sixteen Candles

three teenagers standing

Sixteen Candles is one of the most infamous high school movies of all time, and gives us plenty of 80s nostalgia to boot. Legendary writer-director John Hughes would later go on to create The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, so he knows how to take us to the mindset of a teen trying to figure it all out. Sixteen Candles centers on Samantha Baker and how the entire world has forgotten her 16th birthday, leading her to have one of the most embarrassing days of her life. The movie touches on important lessons about looking beyond the surface for deeper connections, and that maybe we shouldn’t take things too seriously. Samantha’s quirky grandparents and the delightfully nerdy Anthony Michael Hall give plenty of comic relief, making it a great title to visit if you’re entering high school or just want to remember the good old days.

girl sitting with boy with birthday cake between them

American Graffiti

american graffiti movie poster

American Graffiti takes us back to the rock-and-roll days of drive-ins, burgers and milkshakes. This fun flick centers around a couple of friends who are off on a final wild night of cruising before they have to go to college. Movie lovers will be excited to know that this is a George Lucas title that’s pretty different from his Star Wars movies, since Francis Ford Coppola challenged him to write something with mass mainstream appeal. And boy did he succeed. Lucas actually used his teenage experiences from growing up in Modesto, California to help inspire the script, and that authenticity truly comes across. We also get a surprise appearance from young Harrison Ford in this movie too, which is where his working relationship with Lucas started. So travel back in time and experience all the cool vibes from this fun classic.

young man driving car

National Lampoon’s Animal House

animal house movie poster

National Lampoon’s Animal House is a movie that encompasses the wild nature of college party culture from back in the day. Think toga parties, spirit week, and the old college parade complete with floats. The movie centers around a wild fraternity on campus that’s always pushing the envelope with their shenanigans, and a dean who’s determined to shut them down. Funnily enough, movie studio Universal was actually so concerned about about certain scenes going too far that they screened the film to legendary comedian Richard Pryor for his expert opinion. Fans of John Belushi will also appreciate his first film performance in his role as John Blutarsky after gaining notoriety from his Saturday Night Live sketches. So whether your college experience was just as crazy, or far from it, this is a fun blast to re-visit.

man kicking yellow car

Bone-Chilling Classics


shark swimming under person swimming

This is the classic to share with anyone interested in serious movie making. Jaws is by far one of the most notorious movies of all time, centering on an unsuspecting beach community that gets attacked by a killer shark. Steven Spielberg really made a splash on the big screen with the ways he built up suspense. The element of the unknown is critical, since we don’t even get to see the shark for the first half of the movie. The music in the film also builds up the intensity, making us wonder whether the killer shark is nearby and amplifying the shark attack scenes too. The movie is also interesting to re-visit from a modern perspective because it brings up an important question – is the shark the bad guy, or is it the mayor who refuses to close the beach to continue earning profits, getting people killed as a result? And of course, we can’t talk about Jaws without bringing up its most famous line,”You’re gonna need a bigger boat!” Funnily enough, the line was an ad-libbed inside joke on set because they had a tiny support boat to keep all their equipment steady, and became a catchphrase anytime something went wrong. And if you happen to watch the movie with younger viewers, just remind them that the shark is only a mechanical shark named Bruce so there’s nothing to fear.

people running in water on beach

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Feel Good Mood

Uncle Buck

uncle buck movie poster

Uncle Buck is a fun late 80s gem that’s a delight to watch again and again. This is another John Hughes classic, starring the lovable John Candy and adorable Macaulay Culkin right before he went onto super-stardom in Home Alone. And thanks to their chemistry, these two play off each other perfectly, creating some hilarious, quippy moments. The movie tells the story of a bachelor, Buck (Candy), who’s suddenly tasked with taking care of his brother’s three kids. Buck knows literally nothing about how kids or parenting work, so he’s got some unconventional and funny methods to get the job done. One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is when he’s cooking breakfast and makes the biggest pancakes known to man, using a snow shovel to flip them. And boy, did he make all of us wish we could wreak havoc in our own kitchens and do the same. Uncle Buck is fantastic for family members big and small thanks to the humor and positive messages to boot too.

man flipping giant pancake with shovel

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Patch Adams

patch adams movie poster

Patch Adams is one of Robin Williams’ most heartwarming performances, making it a great re-discovery for the whole family. The movie tells the story of a Patch Adams, who’s studying to become a doctor but has some unorthodox methods in treating his patients, especially with the use of humor. His patients and nurses appreciate this unique humanistic approach to medicine, while the medical community seriously doesn’t. Williams was the perfect fit for this role, thanks to his amazing ability to bring empathy to life (which we’ve seen in films like Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting, just to name a few).

doctor making patient laugh

In one of the pivotal scenes in the film, Williams has a moving monologue all about treating patients with dignity, whether they just need someone to talk to, or are on their deathbed. At its core the film just reminds us of the importance of being kind to one another. And in true Robin Williams fashion, he shows us that laughter really is the best medicine.

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