Say hello to our new website

Newer, bluer, and better than ever


We came into 2018 like a wrecking ball, and are happy to announce we’ve already knocked out one of our first resolutions – to give you a brand new web experience.


We’re excited to introduce the redesigned, and we think you’re going to like what you see.


We’ve redesigned our site with you in mind – giving you new functionality, an improved user experience, and a smarter search so you can find your favorite movies & TV faster and easier.


Take a close look, you might see $100


Visit our new site; take it for a test spin. Maybe check out our 50¢ rental sale. With over 150 movies you can rent for just 50¢ each, it’s a pretty amazing sale. It’s, like, only the most amazing party favor ever.


Then, look for our new video on the homepage (also below). We hid a bunch of Vudu “V” icons throughout the video, and if you can spot them, you can enter for a chance to win one of ten $100 Vudu credits. Enter here. Complete rules and example, here. And be sure to look closely, there are a few that repeat and a few that are pretty hard to find. Take your best guess and have fun!



Do you see? This is Vudu changing, do you see?


We made a  good number of improvements so it may take some exploring to discover them all. Here are the bigger ones:



It’s not a Red Dragon-level change (thankfully), but our new look is the result of a lot of sweating the details and a dedication to ensuring everything you need is where you’d expect it to be. Our new site is designed to deliver an online experience that’s clean, stylish, and intuitive – and more representative of our commitment to giving you our best.


Tab? I can’t give you a tab unless you order something


For Marty McFly, Tab is refreshing. We feel they get in the way of getting you to what you are looking for, so, we, uh, we fixed the “glitch.” (I believe you have my stapler.…)



When you choose a title, you’ll now see renting and buying options, the trailer, and even digital copy redemption front and center. But more importantly, we have eliminated the tabs so information like cast and crew, reviews, and movie details are just a scroll away.



And our redesigned navigation rolls as smooth as Leo DiCaprio. We already mentioned we cut the tabs on movie pages, but we’ve also eliminated the secondary menu tabs that just stacked on top of each other. So, now you can find pretty much everything under Movies, TV, My Vudu, Movies On Us, and Redeem.


Our new search has a very particular set of skills


But unlike Liam Neeson, our smarter search won’t kill anyone. However, it will find what you’re looking for – and give you search suggestions along the way. It even organizes the suggestions by Movies, TV, and People.


Yup, you read that right. Now, you can even search people. Meaning you can search for that one movie that you know Jake Gyllenhaal is in, without having to think, “wait, is it spelled with two a’s, or one?”


There’s a lot of other little changes that you may not even notice off the bat except to think, “hey, this looks pretty sweet.” But as you explore, you’ll find that it’s easier to move around, and everything just looks and works better. Which is our ultimate goal – to give you the best experience possible. After all, you’re why we’re here.