Revisit Keanu Reeves’ Most Iconic Movies

There’s no doubt about it – Keanu Reeves is pretty much everyone’s favorite. Whether you were introduced to him as the cool, brave guy in Speed or as the savior of the world in The Matrix movies, Keanu has had some unforgettable roles in some fantastic movies. So in honor of the upcoming, totally excellent, highly anticipated Bill & Ted Face The Music, we’re looking back at some of Keanu’s most memorable roles. And they’re also all on sale to boot too.


woman driving bus with man next to her

Speed epitomizes the 90’s like no other. In this flick, Keanu Reeves stars alongside the talented Sandra Bullock in an intense scenario taking place on a city bus: if their speed drops below 50 miles an hour, the bus is rigged with a bomb set to explode. The movie gives you cops, an evil villain, some corny lines, and a cute love story between the main stars too. What more could you ask for?

The Matrix

man with hand up stopping bullets in the air

The Matrix still holds up as one of the best and most unique action films to come from Hollywood. The Wachowski film centers on a hacker named Neo, who comes to the unsettling realization that nothing in the world is as it seems. With the help of some mysterious strangers, he learns how to fight to help save humanity in this alternate reality and ultimately decide the fate of their future.

The Devil’s Advocate

two men in black talking

The Devil’s Advocate may be one of Keanu’s most underrated gems. The star-studded drama features the likes of Charlize Theron and Al Pacino, centering on the story of a successful young lawyer, played by Keanu, who moves to New York City with his wife to amp up his practice. He quickly becomes massively successful, but slowly transforms into a different person, bringing up moral questions of greed, power and everything in between.


Man in white shirt shooting fire

Witness a battle between good and evil in Constantine. This film features Keanu in the role of John Constantine, a demon hunter who sends demons back to the dark places they came from. When a woman comes to him following her daughter’s suspicious suicide, John sets out to help her but consequently finds out there are demons trying to break into the human world – and he must do everything to stop it, no matter the cost.

John Wick

man in black walking away from broken cars with gun

John Wick is as action-packed as they come. The film centers on Keanu in the role of a brilliant ex-assassin suffering from the loss of his beloved wife, who gets senselessly attacked by a gang of young Russian thugs. But what they don’t realize is that they’ve just taken everything from him and he has nothing left to lose, making him unleash a rampage like no other in the name of revenge and justice.