Ready for Ready Player One? How about meow?

Don’t hate the player, hate the game


Ultimately, Ready Player One is like game-ception – a game within a movie about a game. But even if you don’t want to get that meta, it’s a heck of a ride down nostalgia lane. So much so, you’ll need to watch it more than a few times to catch them all. So actually, even the act of watching the movie is a game. #gnarly


It’s like a nostalgia explosion


There are so many 80’s gamer, movie, and pop culture references in Ready Player One that even the experts can’t agree. We’ve seen a list that covers 120, and a list that covers over 200. (Where’s the beef? There’s the beef.)


So take a chill pill and watch it today, in up to 4K + HDR (totally the best option, no duh). Or you can even pick it up in an exclusive Disc + Digital Collector’s Set with a digital HD copy to watch now, and a Blu-ray, DVD, Rubik’s Cube (Word), and stickers. Order now and qualify for free shipping until the physical release date on 7/24. Fulfillment by


Meow, meow, that’s the sound of da police


KRS-One might have written the song differently if he knew some cops like Rabbit, Thorny, Mac, Farva, and Foster. These law-lacking LEOs are back in the hotly anticipated Super Troopers 2, and you need to watch it right meow. Catch up with our favorite Super Troopers as they get mounted and play Mountie to help resolve a border dispute requires, erm, America’s finest.


And to get you in the mood, in case you weren’t already, here’s a bit of a sneak peek into what happened to the super-est Super Trooper couple (after they got in the mood):


Call us nutty, but we feel pretty too


Amy Schumer takes another dig at superficiality in I Feel Pretty, which reminds us a lot of a prettied up The Nutty Professor. Not that it’s a bad thing. It’s got an interesting twist in that the transformation is entirely in her head versus any actual physical transformation. So you’re saying our self-esteem and sense of worth is entirely up to us? Whaaaaa? It’s a simple message wrapped up in a hilarious comedy, and it’s available meow.


Tell the truth, do you dare to watch?


Truth is, we haven’t played Truth or Dare since freshman year – we’re not even sure the kids play it anymore. (Personally, we’re big fans of Cards Against Humanity – hilarious). The latest from horror production factory Blumhouse (Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Purge), Truth or Dare is pretty much what you’d expect, but it packs a pretty twisted ending. What is it? We dare you to find out. (Ok, that was gratuitous, but whatever.) Watch it in up to 4K + HDR (theatrical and unrated director’s cut).




It’s almost a story too perfect to be made into a series like Serial or HBO’s The Night Of – a famous politician, a dead girl, and a car accident that went unreported for ten hours. Chappaquiddick brings us into the story of the fateful car accident involving Ted Kennedy and a young campaign strategist. Unanswered questions, controversy, and even calls of conspiracy surround this story that gripped America during the summer of 1969. Watch it now in up to 4K + HDR.