Pre-order Spider-Man: Homecoming in HDX and get it upgraded to 4K+HDR for free

Is your Spidey sense tingling yet?



It should be. Because your HDX pre-order of Spider-Man: Homecoming will get a free Tony Stark-level upgrade to the 4K+HDR (UHD) version when it’s released. That’s right, you’re getting Spider-Man: Homecoming in 4K+HDR for only $19.99! Yes, even though it doesn’t show the option. (It’s like a surprise in a suitcase, only it’s on your computer. Or whatever device you’re on.)


And, YES, that means if you already pre-ordered the HDX version, you’re automatically (or should we say, automagically) getting a free upgrade to the 4K+HDR version too. Yeah. So you won’t be needing that caps lock button for an internet rant after all. (Yup, just reach that pinky over there…and yeah…click…there you go.)


How about that. Peter Parker gets an upgraded suit; you get an upgraded movie. For free. Not to mention on top of it all, you’ll also be eligible to get $3 movie credit back when the movie is released. Boom. Training-wheels protocol disengaged.


Even if you don’t have a 4K TV, no worries. You’ll get the 4K+HDR version of the movie (because free upgrade) and you’ll still be able to manually downgrade the resolution (from the control bar) to watch it in HDX like you normally would. Then when you get your sticky spider fingers on a 4K TV, voila, you’re future proof.


Heck yeah, it’s big news. It’s like Goliath Birdeater tarantula big. Well, even bigger, but that’s big enough as far as spiders are concerned. So, sling some web and head over to pre-order it now.


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As with all pre-orders, we’ll process your payment on the release date, and you’ll receive your $3 movie credit shortly after that.